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Although Geek Fam decided to release their Dota 2 roster a little over a month ago, that hasn’t stopped their brilliant solo middle lane player, Karl “Karl” Jayme from reaching the amazing 11,000 Matchmaking Rating (MMR) milestone.

In early September, barely over a month ago, Geek Fam announced that they would be releasing their Dota 2 roster due to constraints presented with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have seen many of the players from the squad branch out to stand-in or play alongside other rosters – including their solo middle lane player, Karl “Karl” Jayme playing with Execration at the Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia. Although they did not fair well through the event, Karl has since reached his own personal milestone, joining the elites of Dota 2 at the 11k MMR mark.

Confirmed via the Geek Fam Facebook account, the organisation congratulated Karl on his achievement – although he is currently not a part of any known roster. Having reached 10K MMR less than a month ago, Karl has certainly been putting in a lot of time in Dota 2 and now joins an elite few upon the perch of 11K. For now, it remains to be seen whether or not Karl will be picked up by any other SEA roster, especially with the uncertainty of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit through the current pandemic.

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