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Tonnes of buy-backs, die-backs, Roshan kills but the most epic of all, courier steals! This game had it all. Just 1 kill away from a century this game was intense and aggressive yet highly disciplined. Just one mistake in the last couple of minutes caused HellRaisers to lose the game. Check out the game analysis of this match and watch highlights of all team fights. Match ID: 5106422522.

Draft Analysis:

iG vs HR game 1
Game 1: Picks and Bans
draft advantage
iG with 55% Draft Advantage

iG went for a gank oriented draft and HR went for a defensive and pushing draft. The draft had no flaws and it all depended upon the execution. iG had a slightly better draft at 55% and HR at 45%.

Draft Advantage in detail

HR’s strengths were disables, defending abilities, counter picks, nuke damage and right click damage whereas iG’s strengths were mobility, split pushing and initiating. iG had less nuke damage by abilities which was later taken care off by Mirana while buying Ethernal Blade and Dagon.

Live Analysis:

Live Advantage at 82nd minute

Before the last high ground push by HR, their win chance was at 60%. They didn’t have good split push heroes so they had to take a team fight. HR didn’t have enough disables for Storm Spirit hence he was the biggest threat in the team fight. Terrorblade had all the required items to help him be the most impactful hero in the team fight so it was in HR’s favour.

The single strategical mistake in the end:

Kunkka’s map positioning, initiations and perfect item choices made the game for HR. Without him, HR wouldn’t have been able to kill Storm Spirit so many times in the early and mid-game. But Kunkka was the one to commit a major error.

The only mistake in the entire game was when Kunkka decided to split push the top lane even though he used his ability “X marks the spot” to return to his original place as soon as possible. With the help of super fast and long range initiation by Storm Spirit and strong disable by Bane they were able to kill Kunkka in just a few seconds and his own team was so far that there was no way for them to react to that quick initiation. After his death, iG took a major advantage by killing the Roshan. They decided to push for high ground but Terrorblade’s damage was too high for Lifestealer and they lost him 2 times including his Aegis. Meanwhile, Kunkka bought back as he thought iG would counter-initiate but they didn’t. After a delay HR decided to push for high ground knowing that Lifestealer was dead and they could force a buy-back but the Lifestealer had to wait only 30 seconds and with the help of his team, he was able to hold it.

So in the last fight, Terrorblade was able to kill many heroes and forcing everyone to buyback but he died too forcing him to buyback. He didn’t have his metamorphosis after his buyback hence in his melee form he was out of range to hit the opponents. If Kunkka had buy-back in this fight then they would have won the team fight. Just a little more damage was required to finish off all iG heroes.

Watch all major team fights highlights in the video below:

List of the Longest games in Patch 7.22

A tip for young players:

End games give you no time to think and plan which is why you must decide your plan before the game even starts! As an example, when you’re playing against Storm Spirit you should know that you can’t split push when you are alone and prepare yourself to stay within the range of teammate’s help. Always remember that one creep wave or a few creeps are not bigger than the entire game.

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