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The Auto Chess cups and showmatches are growing in popularity and spread like wildfire.

Only this week a few tournament organizers have been running such events. BEATesports held a showmatch earlier this week with Dota 2 players, streamers and casters fighting against card games pros and commentators. This coming weekend Beyond the Summit will organize a similar event, but China is already a step ahead of everyone.

ImbaTV with the direct collaboration from the Dota Auto Chess developers, Drodostudio are hosting a 32-man cup where the winner will get his/her name immortalized in the game and exclusive in-game titles along with chat wheel phrazes, which is a hint for what the developers are preparing for a future patch. Unfortunately for the western fans of the game, the ImbaTV Auto Chess cup is exclusively streamed on the Chinese platform DoyuTV. Among those who play in the tournament there is the Invictus Gaming owner Wang Sicong, Newbee’s TI4 Champion Zhang “Mu” Pan, and IG’s TI2 winner Jiang “YYF” Cen.

ImbaTV Auto Chess participants:

Beyond the Summit will host this Sunday, March 3rd a Staff Cup where several organizations, broadcast studios, caster stacks and tournament organizers will send their representative to fight for their banners, but with a plot twist of what we saw so far from previous Auto Chess events. The cup is in fact a team event with 4v4 matches.

How it will work?

  • Each organization team is made up of 4 players, and all 4 players must play in all matches.
  • There will be 4 group stage matches. Teams are matched up against 4 random other teams.
  • All games are Best of 1. A team loses the game when all their team members are eliminated.
  • Top 4 finishing teams advances from groups, into a Single Elimination bracket.
  • The winning team should screen shot the winning moment (before final score screen), as remaining health of all the players will serve as tie breaker. If teams are still tied after the group stage, head-to-head result will be used.

Participating teams:

BeyondtheSummit: Hot_Bid, Luminous, Dakota, Icelement

MoonDuckTV: Zyori, TrentPax, Purge, Eosin

WePlay! Esports: Feol, CEBKAJE, Cocofudge, Slink

Starladder: Bafikk, Vladyslav, Banakh, Vandersar

NA Dota Caster Stack: Capitalist, LyricalDota, BreakyCPK, syndereN

EU Dota Caster Stack: ODPixel, Sheever, TobiWan, PyrionFlax

Evil Geniuses: GranDGranT, Swim, Fireworks, Sam Galey

CompLexity: BSJ, Waga, Superjj, Crane

Alliance: AdmiralBulldog, Loda, Powder, Tickeling

Chaos E.C.: Greg, Pandaego, Sean, Harf

There is no big prize involved in this one but it sure will be fun to watch. The event will start at 10:00 PST/19:00 CET and it will be streamed by Beyond the summit and by any of the participants who want to do so.

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