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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

With the release of Dota Plus, the forums are abuzz about how much of a potential advantage this could be for the amateur player. In reality none of it was going to help anyway because if you were a player who could be improved through the use of these Dota plus analytics, you’d have gotten past your peers in time anyway. And if you weren’t, you’re not going to get much use out of it.


Having said that, I imagined what would have happened if Valve had asked me to make Dota plus. My vision of it is something that everyone can enjoy. And thus I created the shit talking chat wheel. Instead of helping you get better at the game, it’ll help you shit talk the enemy team. Here are some examples of the lines that I’d put into my system:



“Am I still not top tier? U punks are never satisfied are you? Hope you enjoy being bitter cause I definitely enjoy your MMR points.”


“Are you trying?”


“You’re the reason people had to put warning signs to not breathe under water.”


“I can tell you’re a charitable person given how many MMR points you’ve been giving out.”


“Excuse me, sir. You made a mistake. Given your skill, I believe the mode you wanted to play was single player.”


“Haven’t seen a throw this hard since 322.”


“Agent 3154 is that you?”


“To quote a League player, go home and be a pig farmer.”


“Great cosmetics, it helps hide your lack of skill.”


“Anyone have Kuroky’s number? Your team is trash and I need some help cleaning it up.”


“Game ended faster than 2GD’s time at Shanghai.”


“Your mid was almost as bad as shiki.”


“You’re salty enough that I almost mistook you for PPD, but then your lack of game skills gave you away.”


“We all have callings in life, clearly Dota 2 isn’t one of yours.”


“Hoho Haha.”


“I think you need to buy Dota Plus to up your game.”

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