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TNC Predator were thoroughly prepared to face the drafting of Bai “rOtK” Fan. This time, they knew not to pick greedy cores in other lanes if Vici Gaming allowed them to pick any of their strong combination heroes. Read the article to know how TNC secured their victory in the series.

Game 1: Picks and Bans

This is the first and only game in which Vici Gaming didn’t take a risk in draft and banned all the combos that TNC had used in the MDL Chengdu Major. Hence in this game, TNC had to pick a draft without their strongest heroes. The biggest mistake by Vici Gaming was the last pick Juggernaut. All the cores of TNC perform well against Juggernaut so, instead of a draft advantage for Vici Gaming, it turned into a major error and became a disadvantage. Vici Gaming couldn’t win a single team fight and got stomped in the first match of the best-of-five series.

Game 2: Picks and Bans

The risk in draft began here when Vici Gaming allowed TNC to pick the overpowered Morphling and Earthshaker wombo-combo. TNC were smart this time in not picking other greedy cores. Their defeat in the upper brackets taught them an awesome lesson. They drafted Viper and Timbersaw that were not greedy and shockingly countered all the Vici Gaming heroes. This game was also a stomp as Vici Gaming didn’t counter any enemy hero.

Game 3: Picks and Bans

Vici Gaming again took a huge risk by allowing Alchemist and Chen to go into TNC’s hands. TNC picked Ursa that was out of meta and there were no reliable disables hence, they didn’t take advantage of the draft. TNC had a good laning stage but due to some misplays and lack of disables they lost the game.

Game 4: Picks and Bans

Vici Gaming again took the risk but this time it was a huge one and allowed TNC to pick 4 of their strongest heroes. They allowed Morphling, Earthshaker, Naga Siren and Disruptor. This was a huge advantage for TNC and it felt like this wasn’t a captain’s mode drafting phase but a ranked pub match where every TNC player was literally allowed to pick the hero he wanted.

75% Draft Advantage for TNC
Draft Advantage in detail

The only advantage Vici Gaming had was in healing, pushing and nuke damage. They had a huge disadvantage in everything else. The game would have ended earlier if TNC hadn’t taken one risky team fight in the mid game. In spite of securing a 25000 networth advantage, Vici Gaming was not able to end the game because of a huge draft disadvantage. At one point, Vici Gaming had all the heroes alive, had Aegis and 2 Cheese but they just didn’t have any idea on how to face Morphling on the high ground. Morphling played incredibly well and was always able to find quick kills in the team fights. Naga Siren and Disruptor combo was another huge boost that helped them secure important kills on cores. The series would have surely been different if Vici Gaming had good drafts.

Replay of the fight that brought TNC back in the game:

A tip for young players:

Allowing your opponents to pick patch favoured heroes and their personal favourite heroes together is a bad idea. Even though Vici Gaming were successful using this strategy in the upper bracket series, they had to know that TNC would be prepared for this. Hence always stay on the safe side and ban strong heroes of your opponent if they are as good as you or better than you.

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