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beastcoast had a 10,000 networth lead in the game and were on the path to win the match and the series against Invictus Gaming. Unfortunately, they made some decisions that caused them to lose everything. On the other hand, iG made some brilliant moves to ensure that beastcoast had no chance to make a comeback. Read the article to know all the small mistakes and epic plays that changed the entire game. Match ID: 5122846236.

Game 3: Picks and Bans

beastcoast drafted a support Centaur Warrunner which was a bit unusual but their idea was clear as they went for a Drow Ranger and range units synergy strategy.

Draft Advantage in detail

Invictus Gaming had excellent advantage in split pushing, healing, nuke damage, defending and initiation whereas Beastcoast had advantage in pushing and right click damage.

All the mistakes that occurred in an extremely small period of time:

  1. Drow Ranger didn’t participate in the smoke gank. Beastcoast’s 4v5 Dota style hurt them badly when they chose to let Drow farm and create space just by themselves. Even their heroes were mostly ranged and not durable enough for such a risk
  2. beastcoast had no observer wards on the entire map. When all enemy heroes are alive, they have both of their shrines, you don’t control most of the map and choose to smoke gank without knowing the positions of any enemy hero, it’s nothing but carelessness.
  3. Smoke ended and still, they continued the gank. Their smoke route was so long and they were so far in enemy territory but didn’t retreat upon smoke expiration was also a move that should have been avoided.
  4. Enchantress kept on moving a non-smoked enchanted enemy creep that gave away their position even while they were smoked. When you enchant an enemy creep from a mid lane and all your teammates are missing from the map, the enemy knows instantly that you are somewhere around that area. On top of that when that enchanted creep is moved to scout the enemy heroes, enemies get a clear idea of a gank in progress.
  5. Rubick didn’t have a dust or a sentry when he caught Legion Commander and he was Glimmer Caped which caused big trouble when Templar Assassin blinked ahead to kill him. A kill on Legion Commander would have given Templar Assassin full freedom to face any enemy hero.
  6. Centaur Warrunner misclicked his dagger while initiating. He double-clicked the item and went in the opposite direction when he clearly wanted to blink on top of enemy heroes. Later, when he decided to walk inside again, enemy wards on the high ground spotted him and Skywrath Mage killed him instantly.
  7. Templar Assassin overestimated her strength when she thought to attack the enemy supports and not to retreat after a fail BKB use. Support Skywrath Mage would have easily died by Enchantress and Templar Assassin had the opportunity to fall back and she should have because their gank was already unwinnable and she knew that she didn’t have a buyback. Legion Commander activated Blade Mail, dueled and destroyed a well farmed Templar Assassin in seconds.

Watch the video that captured all the mistakes mentioned above:

The unexpected MVP of the match:

MVP Ogre Magi played by Chan Chon Kien “Oli” first of all, placed some defensive wards in spite of having a Shrine that later helped iG to spot positions of each enemy hero in their massive smoke gank. He owned a Glimmer Cape that absolutely saved Legion Commander’s life. But the biggest and the most unexpected item purchased by Ogre Magi was the quelling blade that helped Legion Commander move of out of trees in which she was stuck and allowed her to duel Templar Assassin and win the entire fight. It is extremely rare to see a position 5 support,
who is not interested in farming, to buy a quelling blade. Ogre Magi’s decision helped them around the entire game.

A tip for young players:

The word – retreat may sound bad to many of you but sometimes it is a smart choice that would save you from a guaranteed defeat. beastcoast had the chance to retreat several times but they didn’t which led them to lose the entire game. Hence in a game, if you have a lead in the game and find yourself in a tough spot but have a chance to retreat then take it. Live to fight another day.

Do you consider Ogre Magi as MVP?
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