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It all started with an early elimination in the Stockholm Major qualifiers. Both Vici Gaming and Aster, the teams who made it to the first two Majors of the season found themselves outside of the contention last week. So, they both decided to tinker with their roster in the small window between the Major and Minor qualifiers.

VG experimented by taking out their captain, Pan “Fade” Yi, moved their offlaner in the support position, while  Sun “Agressif” Zheng was brought in to take Zhou “Yang” Haiyang role. It was a completely unexpected decision from VG, given that Yang has never seemed to be their weakness. The first day of Minor qualifiers went disastrously and this morning Vici Gaming were once again one series away from getting eliminated. But they reverted to their original line-up and perhaps the experiment was just a way of motivating Yang to prove that his skills and his game sense are on point. In the first game of the first lower bracket series, he played Centaur Warrunner and had 18 kills participation out of the 22 that VG scored in total, while in game two he’s been involved in 26 of the 37 kills landed by his team. He died twice the entire series and both games he was a key factor in all the team fights.

The lower bracket finals were held between Vici Gaming and Aster, who also made a roster adjustment since the Stockholm Major qualifiers. Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung played for Aster and although the first series in the Minor qualifiers went well, the following matches were rough. Aster lost today the qualifier slot to a well prepared VG, who targeted their comfort picks and didn’t allow Mushi to run away with his Puck or Outworld Devourer, while also taking care of Liu “Sylar” Jiajun Luna or Lifestealer. It’s uncertain if Mushi will stay with Aster and it’s also unclear if Vici Gaming will keep their initial roster unchanged.

Before going to the Starladder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor at the beginning of March, Vici Gaming will be traveling to MDL Macau later this month, an event that Fade will most likely not attend, but more details on that will come online later today, so stay tuned!

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