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Team Spirit placed bottom four at the first Major of the new season, MDL Chengdu. But despite the results, they left Chengu motivated and with a lot of things learnt from their experience. Andrey “Ghostik” Kadyk sat down with us in Chengdu to talk about what this Major meant for his team, why they underperformed and what’s the plan moving forward.

The interview was conducted by Yuhui Zhu, after Team Spirit was eliminated from the tournament.


Hello, it’s good to see you in Chengdu, but unfortunately, the Major didn’t go well for Team Spirit. Would you say that if you had been seeded in another group, the results would have been a bit different? 

I’d say that the biggest reason for our result is because of us and not because of where or how we were seeded. We weren’t self-confident enough to play well in the tournament. We prepared really hard game-wise, but we didn’t work on our morale, on our confidence coming here. This was one of the biggest tournaments for 2-3 of our players and we didn’t play the same way we did in scrims for example, or in the qualifiers. I don’t know, maybe it would have helped a bit if the group would have been easier, but still, this is not the main reason for our loss here.

Is there anything that you feel like you could have done differently in that elimination best-of-one versus EHOME, was that draft with four melee heroes and a Chrono a bit too hard to execute?

Yeah, draft wise, it was a bit dumb from us. We wanted to first pick Void, but we didn’t ban Abaddon. We actually practiced Void vs Abaddon and we were winning, so we didn’t think he will be a problem. But in that bo1 elimination match, Abaddon actually wrecked Void in the lane.

Is there anything you will take with you from this Major, or do you prefer to shake off this loss and look ahead at what can be done when the new patch arrives?

Overall, this Major was a great experience for us. It will give more confidence in ourselves moving forward. I guess it’s hard to predict how we will adapt to the new patch, because the Outlanders can potentially change everything and it can fit or not your playstyle, and based on that, everyone will pretty much need their time to learn how to play it.

Speaking about the new patch, what do you hope to be changed with the Outlanders update?

I hope it will be like the previous big patches that brought global changes. So, I would like to see some changes to the map, I’d like to see the timing on Bounty Runes being changed. Maybe a change for the gold formula from creeps and neutrals, maybe add some new camps. I hope that this patch will be as big as the previous one,  because when they bring huge changes it makes you want to play immediately, to explore, to re-learn the game, I want that experience and yes, I have big expectations from this Outlanders update.

Let’s go back a bit to the post TI9 shuffle. When you formed you were without a sponsor and Team Spirit came in only after you qualified for this Major. Was it them approaching you or was it the other way around?

We were communicating with them since we formed, we actually played the qualifiers and did all the preparation from their bootcamp. That bootcamp gave us a great opportunity to figure out the team synergy, we stayed there for almost one month I think. it wasn’t officially announced that we will play under the Team Spirit flag because the deal was like this: if we passed the regional qualifiers, we would sign with them, if not, we would have had to look for something else. 

What are the plans moving forward, will you stay with the organization?


How is the team morale right now, do you guys feel confident that you can pick up the pieces and push harder in the next round of Major and Minor qualifiers?

The morale is very good, even though we lost in the first round of the lower bracket here. We move forward having our first LAN experience together and we learnt a lot from our losses here. You can always learn from your loss if you accept it. If you think that this loss is the worst thing that happened in your life, then you will never get anything from it and it won’t help you see how you can improve. We had a big team talk about what we should do, what went wrong, what we can do better, and I hope it will help us later on.

Unfortunately, the CIS region doesn’t look too good after the first Minor and the first Major of the season. Do you feel like the region was falling behind even from before TI9, or is it that the latest shuffle brought too many changes to all the CIS teams?

It’s a bit hard to say when the scene as a whole started to fall behind. The thing is that in the previous season we had carrying the region hard, they made it to so many grand finals, they won tournaments while a lot of other CIS teams were having the same results as us and Gambit at this Major.

VP was the main reason why people said that the CIS region is strong. Then, we had TI9 with Na’Vi finishing 13th-16th and VP 9th-12th. So yeah, I think you can say that the downfall started before The International. The post TI9 shuffle was pretty big in CIS, and you couldn’t really predict which or if any team will do good right from the start, and actually, this year it was a bit the same with all regions. At this Major, both us and Gambit had players that need to accumulate LAN experience first.

Thanks a lot for your time and I hope to see you guys and the CIS region as whole coming back strong. If you have any shoutouts to do at the end of our interview, now it’s the time.

Thank you for having me, and shoutout to all our English fans. It’s always nice to see that you have people from outside CIS who cheer for you and support you. Thank you for that guys!

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