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Southeast Asia qualifiers for the second Minor of the season were dominated by Geek Fam, who will now get a second chance at reaching the Major stage via Minor games.

Geek Fam placed third in the Leipzig Major qualifiers group stage, thus they got relegated to the Minor playoffs bracket alongside Cignal Ultra, Neon Esports and BOOM Esports. Having three slots for the Major, SEA teams had to fight for only one ticket to the Minor, and Geek Fam reigned supreme, claiming the trip to Bukovel, Ukraine undefeated. They started the Minor qualifiers with two quick victories over BOOM Esports and Cignal Ultra. The latter bounced back into the grad finals, after taking down Neon Esports in the lower bracket finals, and had a good shot at forcing a game four in the grand finals with Geek Fam.

All three games went past the 40-minute mark, and in all three Cignal Ultra gave Geek Fam a run for their money. They took the lead in the laning stage in game one, but couldn’t keep up with Geek Fam’s Lifestealer carry in the mid stage of the game. Game two unfolded in a rather similar fashion, Geek Fam making a comeback past the 30-minute mark to win the game within the next 10 minutes, courtesy of the strong right clicks from their Drow Ranger-Gyrocopter duo core. Game three was particularly exciting, as Cignal Ultra cornered Geek Fam in their own base, took two lane of barracks from them plus the melee barracks top lane, but weren’t able to secure the megas.

Cignal ran a Luna – Razor duo core, but on the other side of the river, Geek Fam had Kenny “Xepher” Deo on Rubik, who in the last push attempt from his team was able to steal the Eclipse to make the difference for his team and save the series from going into a game four.

The WePlay! Bukovel Minor regional qualifiers continue today, November 6 with the finals series for Europe, CIS, North and South America.

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