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A beautiful coordination by Alliance and a strong fight back by Demon Slayers, this is the game analysis of the final match that secured the series and tournament championship for Alliance. Also a similar game-play like the TI3 winning Alliance squad with just a small difference of having no rat. Match ID: 5078402827.

Draft scene:

Draft: Alliance vs Demon Slayers

Alliance started the draft by picking Gyrocopter, a brave choice that was meant to be counter picked with heroes like Lifestealer, Anti-Mage, and Faceless Void but they were either banned or Demon Slayers didn’t feel like picking them. Apparently, Demon Slayers responded with Legion Commander and Shadow Demon. Legion Commander is a good hero against Gyrocopter but it can also be countered easily. This is exactly what happened. Alliance drafted a 5-men pushing line-up with all eyes on objectives that didn’t give room for Legion Commander to find easy kills in the early and mid game.

Demon Slayers had an amazing split-pushing draft, if they had been able to defend a while longer then they would have definitely won the game. Ember Spirit and Weaver would have been able to split-push two lanes at the same time and if Alliance decided to split and defend any of those other lanes then Legion Commander would have ganked and killed them. Alliance also had very few lockdown abilities to catch Weaver and Ember Spirit which was a great advantage for Demon Slayers’ split-push idea.

Draft Advantage in detail
Draft Advantage overall view

Alliance lost the draft but had a flawless execution of an objective focused strategy. The best decision of the game was that Alliance knew Roshan was alive but didn’t choose to go and kill it, rather they decided to go for a smoke gank and find a few kills before taking Roshan. Demon Slayers were prepared to fight Alliance near Roshan but didn’t expect a sneaky attack from the side. Alliance had so many options in this moment like pushing as 5, continue farming or kill Roshan and the fact is that either of those would have given room to Demon Slayers to make a comeback. So this idea was in fact incredibly outstanding.

Early and mid game scene:

Alliance didn’t lose any lane and secured the start they desired. Weaver was the only hero in Demon Slayers to get a good start. Legion Commander played amazing but Alliance’s objective strategy didn’t give him a chance to either farm or get kills. It was beautiful to see how Legion Commander found Dazzle and killed him in all the late game team-fights but the game would have been so different if Legion Commander had some farm. Demon Slayers’ position 4 support, Shadow Shaman had more networth than Legion Commander in the mid game.

A perspective to look into:

Early game laning positions of all heroes

In many games in this tournament, Demon Slayers have lost early and mid game. In this match, Demon Slayers could have played Ember Spirit at mid and let Legion Commander at aggressive tri-lane pairing up with Shadow Demon and Shadow Shaman. Ember Spirit would have had an easier time at mid and Legion Commander would have dealt a lot of damage to enemy’s safe lane heroes. The most important thing to understand is that Legion Commander is a bad hero if his farm is slow and doesn’t get the required kill bonuses. Now, this pressure literally doubles up when Legion Commander is playing mid. The team expects the hero to deliver and when that fails, their strategy just shatters into pieces. Ember Spirit is a hero with good fast farming abilities so even if he would have lost mid, he could have recovered but we can’t say the same for Legion Commander. And Demon Slayers didn’t even have instant killing abilities like Lion’s or Lina’s ultimates to help Legion Commander secure a kill as quickly as possible. They could have had a better mid game if they had picked either Lina or let Ember Spirit play mid.

A tip for young players:

Dota 2 is a game of momentum, once you lose a couple of heroes, you lose towers and most of your map control within a minute. So if possible, don’t pick three cores that heavily rely on items because if two of them fail then you can’t stop your opponent’s 5-men push even on your Tier-3 buildings.

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