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This is the game analysis of an almost epic comeback by Demon Slayers during the group stage of DreamLeague Season 12 Rotterdam.

After losing the mid late horribly, they were able to find a chance in the late game and closed around 20,000 networth lead. Call it decision, precision, skill or timing but Liquid saved themselves from a major upset by pulling themselves back. Match ID: 5074547442.

Draft: Demon Slayers vs Team Liquid
Draft Advantage in detail
Draft Advantage overall view

Draft scene:

Demon Slayers started the draft by picking Juggernaut as the first pick and taking a risk whereas Liquid didn’t let go of the opportunity of counter picking the opponents. They drafted Axe, a good lane counter to Juggernaut and Phantom Assassin, a good mid game counter of Juggernaut. Liquid’s draft had a clear purpose – “win the lanes”. Axe, Broodmother and Phantom Assassin all have the ability to get farm in the laning stage. Demon Slayer’s draft was more team fight oriented and their AOE damage heroes like Juggernaut, Earthshaker and Magnus have a good advantage in team fights because all enemy cores were melee.

Demon Slayers draft advantage was 42% and Liquid’s draft advantage was 58% because they picked counters and had more durability and right click damage.

Early game scene:

Demon slayers avoided laning Juggernaut against Axe for the first 5 minutes in the game. The early game was almost equal until the 11th minute.

Mid game scene:

Three deaths of Juggernaut, Earthshaker and Batrider (all cores) shifted a little bit of the momentum in Liquid’s favour. Just after a minute, Demon Slayers decided to gank Broodmother but failed and lost Earthshaker and Batrider again, meanwhile Juggernaut also died while pushing for a tower. Hence just within 3 minutes, Liquid gained 5,000 networth lead. Demon Slayer’s tried their best in getting some kills and fighting for Roshan but they were not able to counter Broodmother. Steadily, Liquid kept on winning all mid game team fights, gained a good map control and also destroyed Radiant’s barracks.

The Comeback scene:

The comeback gank
Gank’s Route and Map details

Demon Slayers were three melee barrack’s down with a 20,000 networth deficit but they decided to go for a gank in enemy’s jungle. Surprisingly they were able to find the two biggest kills and brought down Roshan. This epic move was nothing short of a great decision which helped them recover 19,000 networth in the next few minutes!

The Final moments:

Win Chance, Live Advantage and Team Fight Advantage’s details
5 men gank on Axe
Incredible escape by Axe and save by KOTL

Demon Slayers were playing well but in one of their ganks they were unable to kill Axe which helped Liquid dominate that team fight. They just didn’t have enough right click damage to kill Axe because after he activated his BKB, no magic damage could be used against him. Incredible game-play by Keeper of the Light helped Axe escape while using his skills multiple with the help of a Refresher. Eventually, Demon Slayers lost their cores after a minute and they weren’t able to defend against Liquid’s final push with mega creeps.

A tip for young players:

Even though Demon Slayers lost, they tried their best to fight hard in the late game but they failed by a small margin just because they lacked a little bit of right click damage. So always make sure to buy items and draft heroes that cover good right click damage and nuke damage. Also, learn how they organised a late game gank that almost won them the game.

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