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The MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major had reached its final day and the opening series would be another all China battle between Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD as both teams looked to find their way into the Grand Finals.

Vici Gaming had not made a great showing at a DPC event since ESL One Katowice in February this year where they managed to finish in 2nd place – but since then they’ve only featured in 2 Majors where they did not make it into the DPC points placement. But their resurgence after winning DPL and claiming their spot in MDL Changsha was showing as they fought their way through the Upper Bracket only to be dropped to the lower bracket by VGJ.Storm yesterday. The team would be looking to secure a guaranteed top 2 spot by beating the winners of the recent EPICENTER XL in the Lower Bracket finals.
However, their opponents were unbeaten since entering the playoff stage of the event, taking down every attacker that stood in their way in 2:0 fashion and never faltering. With a TI8 invite now confirmed for PSG.LGD they would be looking to show their dominance of both the China region and the Dota 2 Pro Circuit by securing a second Major victory in a row.

PSG.LGD chose to open the series with a Monkey King pick for Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu and it begun to pay off for them as he managed to get quite a bit of free-farm before the team’s line up begun to dominate. Just passed 15 minutes we started to see the lineup’s power come into play as they wiped Vici Gaming from the map and took command of the game.

A few moments later the wombo combo was seen pulled of to perfect by LGD as they took down 3 from the VG lineup.

But VG were not down and out just yet and their fight back into the game began as they found some magnificent pick-offs to take control of the game for a brief period before the game moved back to a neutral standing. But the so called ‘Invincible” were able to hold strong and by 50 minutes they took down the Ancient and claimed game one.

The next game of the series saw domination from LGD instantly as Lu ‘Somnus’ Yao on Queen of Pain went Godlike in under 15 minutes as VG fell far behind quickly. But once again, VG were not ready to give up as they fought their way back against the pressure coming out from LGD – until Xu ‘fy’ Linsen saved his team from what could have been disaster with an amazing Snowball on the cusp of the Roshan Pit.

In control of the game again, LGD took advantage of their lead and ripped through VG once more and by little over 30 minutes they were assaulting the tier 4 towers. Without much contention in the final moments the GG came out and victory went to LGD.

With that 2:0 victory, PSG.LGD end Vici Gaming’s run at MDL Changsha and will themselves move on to face VGJ.Storm in the Grand Finals up next. Unbeaten through the Lower Bracket LGD would have a monumental task ahead of them while VG take an extremely admirable 3rd place.

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