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More Chinese drama comes via Weibo as Danche, a former Dota2 caster who is now a PUBG streamer, accused xiao8 of match-fixing claiming that the TI Champion made “over one million RMB” from betting against his team.

The words exchanged between Danche and xiao8 are somewhat ridiculous and shed light on probably old unsettled conflicts of the former Dota 2 commentator with the Chinese scene.

Danche has no proof for his accusations and although he started the thread in force pointing out at xiao8 and his “fake retirement”, he later on backtracked and apologized for all his posts, even deleting some of them. Luckily we’ve been able to screenshot everything before the threads were taken down and here is a summary of what was said.

Danche accuses xiao8 of a fake retirement only to be able to play outside the spotlights and take part in betting schemes.

If I have something on my mind, I say it out loud. I watched the matches yesterday, maybe I don’t understand the game anymore but I feel Chalice and xNova had some questionable plays. You might think that I’m saying this only to leech on the drama to stay relevant. Well, it’s ironic to hear this from a man who makes over one million RMB a year from match-fixing. People would know who you really are if they just took a second to think about why you fake retire and come back to the pro scene, then fight your ass off for a qualifying spot to international events every year, despite knowing you have zero chance to win any tournament”.

It seems that Danche’s accusation have a small foundation of truth, as xiao8 himself admits that he indeed placed bets on Dota 2 matches, but he stressed the fact that he never placed a dime on matches of his own team.

“Yes, I did bet on dota2 matches before. But I swear on my own life that I have never participated in match-fixing. Nor have I ever placed any wagers on my own matches. So Mr.Danche, talk is cheap, show us something concrete”

“I post an announcement to apologize for betting back in 2013 when I was playing in Tongfu, because I realized it’s immoral for a professional player to do something like that. And I swear that I’ve never bet on any games during my professional career. How is it okay to slander other people like that?”

Danche clarified that he does not have any proof for his accusations. But then also swore on his life that he knows for sure that xiao8 has participated in match-fixing.


“You can feel relieved now because I don’t have any evidence. But I know for sure that you’ve bet on your own matches and made more than 1 million in a year out of it. I swear on my life that you’ve done that. We all know how ballsy you are when it comes to bets”.

Then for some reason, Danche deleted all the previous posts and apologized for his comment on Chalice and xNova’s plays but insisted with his accusations towards Xiao8 regarding match-fixing.

“Sorry about the drama today. Yes, I did this just to stay relevant. And I was wrong to put all the blame on one or two players when it was clearly an execution issue. But I know for sure that you’ve (xiao8) bet on your own matches and as much as I want to show the evidence, I can’t. How about you find a lawyer and sue me, then let’s see what happens.”

Apparently, xiao8 was not satisfied with this answer and he kept asking Danche to present the community the evidence but the commentator never replied.

Some other Dota2 celebrities also commented after this drama broke out, although all of them backed xiao8 up and claimed that “he’s not that kind of person”

The Fuse of This Drama

The drama started with a normal weibo post from  Bai “rOtK” Fan who criticized Chalice’s performance on Tidehunter in the fourth game vs Mineski in the DAC 2018 grand finals.

“Unfortunately a Chinese team lost a grand finals yet again. Every team is improving. Too bad that Tidehunter performed like Yang in game 4, otherwise LGD would’ve just won the series 3:1.  It’s unfortunate for fy and Maybe, they were playing really well.”

It was just a normal post but things got a lot more intense when Danche replied and the whole conversation went south.

If you(rOtk) were playing the Tidehunter in that game, you would have carried Lion and claimed the championship. LGD’s offlaner and hard support are 2 tiers behind the other LGD players, they just got carried all the way to the grand finals.”

xiao8 seemed to be pretty pissed by Danche’s comment and replied with a single sentence.

Mr.Danche Do you really understand Dota?

Danche’s reply implied xiao8’s involvement in match-fixing.

“I thought you have something concrete to discuss with me, turns out you are just another hater who use the “You don’t play Dota anymore so you must be wrong” logic to guide the public to attack me. Seriously though, you surely know more about Dota than I do. And not only do you know about the game, I’m pretty sure you also know something outside the game.”

At this point, xiao8 was still trying to reason with Danche.

“First of all, it’s never one or two players fault for losing a game, and if you really want to know how LGD lost, you can watch my analysis yesterday. It’s okay that you want to leech on the drama to gain popularity and stay relevant to the scene, but please do not flame the rookies. In my opinion, every LGD player had some good plays and bad plays yesterday, like Maybe’s SF, Ame’s AM and fy’s Rubick.”

rOtk probably realized that things are getting out of control, so he made another post and tried to play the peacemaker.

“The only reason I post my previous weibo was that I felt sorry for fy and Maybe. As a Tidehunter player myself, I know Chalice was underperforming yesterday. But by no means should he be the only one to take the blame. We already have a few professional players in the scene and I believe all of them are taking this job seriously. So no more talks, just improve and play better next time.”

But it seemed that Danche did not want the drama to end there, he posts the following weibo, along with the first one in this article to wage war against xiao8.

“As an outsider, if the whole community thinks I’m leeching on the drama to stay relevant then so be it, my words aren’t going to hurt baby Chalice anyway. But he guides the public opinion to attack me, LMAO. I spent 10 years on this game, yes, I haven’t contributed a lot to the community, but I certainly have stuck to my principle all these years and have done nothing to ruin it. I understand that you (rOtk) do not dare to tell the truth because you are still in the scene. But I do.”

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