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The first round of the lower bracket at The International is probably the toughest and most nerve wracking as it is a best on one. Two of the three SEA teams were the first teams to be eliminated from TI8 as Fnatic went down to Team Serenity of China and TNC lost out to Mineski in the all SEA face off.

Team Serenity vs Fnatic

Team Serenity have been dubbed the Wings Gaming of TI 8 and even though they didn’t manage to the upper bracket, they did manage to cause an upset of sorts on day one of the main event as they eliminated Fnatic from The International 2018.

Fnatic picked a Visage for Abed, a hero that hasn’t been picked too much here in Vancouver. But I believe the pick that messed it up for them was putting DJ on Phoenix. Before that game, DJ had played Phoenix just once in the entire season and it also prevented him from being on his typical flashy playmaking heroes like Tusk or Windranger. Fnatic’s coach Aui_2000 said before the game that they had the draft they wanted.

Serenity went for a support Tiny, which was played very well by Pyw. XinQ, true to his reputation, went on a bit of a weird build on Necro with Lotus Orb and Octarine Core his items of choice after the initial Eul’s Scepter.

Throughout the game, Serenity were on top of Fnatic. DJ managed to get off very few Supernovas. In most ganks, Serenity concentrated on the Phoenix egg and burst it down. The only time Fnatic seemed to make a comeback was the Roshan fight where Universe’s Mirana hit Necro in the Rosh pit with an arrow to start the fight and took out the entire team of Serenity one by one. But Serenity bought back on all the heroes and made sure they secured the Rosh. Serenity’s lineup scaled a lot better and eventually, it got to a point where Fnatic just could bot defend the base, even with buybacks.



Mineski vs TNC Pro

It’s not a happy picture when the same regions are pitted against each other in the first round of elimination, but that’s how it was when Mineski took on TNC and it was the former who came out on top.

TNC raced to an early lead in networth as well as kills. But the thing TNC did not do was get kills on Mineski’s two main cores – Moon’s Shadow Fiend and Mushi’s Spectre. And when you are playing a Spectre who gets the farm she wants, there is always a chance to lose it even while you are leading.

TNC had a 15k lead in net worth, but TNC went in to a fight not realizing Moon’s SF had a Double Damage rune on him. The fight played out as if it was Mineski with the huge lead as all of TNC’s cores were taken down with ease. And cores like Clinkz and Pugna go down easily even when farmed. That brought down the net worth lead to 7k and with the next fight going Mineski’s way again, the comeback was complete. That was all it took – 2 good fights.


Fnatic and TNC head home with a 15th/16th place finish while Team Serenity and Mineski live to fight another day. Serenity will take on Optic in the next round while Mineski will be facing

Interviews from The International 2018:

Iceberg – Winstrike: ”If you are afraid to play someone here, then you just shouldn’t be playing at TI”
XinQ – Team Serenity: “I was wild and out of control”
No[o]ne – “I hate the mid lane right now”
KuKu – TNC – “If you are playing good Dota, there are no individual plays”
PSG.LGD – Chalice: “ drafts are not that good”
TNC – Raven: “We messed up the drafts”
Team Liquid – MinD_ContRoL: “We picked Optic because we don’t have a good history against Team Secret”
paiN Gaming – Tavo: “Every defeat is a lesson…I’d just rather not lose here, you know?”
OptTic Gaming – Pajkatt “OpTic is better than any of the teams I’ve played in before”


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