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With Ana announcing his departure from OG, the question is who can replace him for the team? Ana was the best player at TI8 and for my money, he defined the style that OG played at that tournament. He was someone who was able to pull out miracle after miracle, comeback after comeback with his incredible late game play.


He is an important piece of the puzzle and someone who cannot be easily replaced. When looking at the totality player field right now, the question is who could actually replace him? In terms of carry potential, I can only think of three players: Arteezy, Resolut1on, and Miracle-. Arteezy is a great player, but there are two reasons as to why I don’t think he’ll replace Ana. The first and most obvious is that he shouldn’t leave EG as EG is a top tier team. The second is that I’m uncertain of how well he’d actually fit in team OG given how different they play. EG plays to dominate all lanes, OG play for the late game.


Resolut1on is also out because OG already tried that experiment and it didn’t work. As for Miracle-, he has the skillset and the cohesion considering he already played with some of the OG players before. However, he is also someone who likely won’t leave Liquid.


As all three of those choices are not viable, I think it’s going to have to be another n0tail special where he scouts out some player we haven’t seen before that has either exceptional talent or will play that specific role.

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