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Yesterday ppd posted about the issue of the SA qualifier problems in his twitlonger. One of the most interesting replies came from FalleN, legendary CS:GO player who is considered to be the Godfather of the Brazilian scene in CS:GO. He tweeted


Considering the type of scene and the historical context of what I’ve seen from SA teams in Dota2, I think he’s right. Unlike League of Legends, there isn’t a huge amount of money being put into the franchise model so they can’t attract talent in the form of players or coaches from around the world to play in their region. If they can’t do that, then they can’t figure out how to become better as nearly everyone learns from induction in esports practice. While it’s possible to think your way out of a problem and then execute it (FalleN’s teams themselves did this once they got to NA), in general I’ve found that only the truly great players and teams can manage to pull that maneuver off.


In the case of SA teams, they have a far bigger advantage compared to what FalleN started off with in Dota2. They have actual regional qualifiers that get them to the big events. However I’ve seen these teams playing for a few years now and they have all hit a ceiling. While they’ve grown to a certain extent with the inclusion of some foreigner players or leaders (most notably MISERY), it isn’t a League of Legends scenario where you can eventually build up an infrastructure, a coach, a system, and get good imports to create a good team. Even in League of Legends, Brazilian League still isn’t close to the Major regions in that game, so even in that particular case, FalleN’s advice could be relevant if one of those teams truly desired to be number one (though given how that scene works, I don’t think it’s actually possible to move from one region to another).


In the case of Dota2 though, the SA players will eventually have to make a hard decision. Will they accept the fact that they can only go so far and be content with only being an okay team that has some upset potential. Or will they take the risk, move to NA or EU and take the hard lumps, take the losses both in-game and financial, but come out the other side far stronger for it.


I didn’t think of it until FalleN said it, but for the SA Dota2 teams, this is the question they must answer. Do they want to be the best or are they content with being okay and staying in SA?

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