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MDL Chengdu Major last quarterfinal series pitted Evil Geniuses against the Dota Summit Minor Champions, Invictus Gaming, who got punished for their hyper aggressive playstyle.

The battle for a top six spot in Chengdu started with an unconventional mid lane Night Stalker from iG and a good laning stage that put EG 2k gold behind in the first five minutes of the game. The early lead felt more like a trap set for themselves by iG, who lost their composure going into the first team fight and they got outplayed by the NA representative. A single misstep in the EG jungle, around the 15-minute mark, was enough to destabilize the Chinese team.

Game two unfolded in a rather similar way, only that the protagonist for EG was Chen, used in the exact same way as Alliance did in their opening match against TNC yesterday. Although EG had the first pick of the draft and opened with Chen, Invictus Gaming aligned a heavy damage lineup with Lich, Lina, Invoker, and Gyrocopter on their side, which again secured them the early laning stage advantage. However, once Chen started to stack the magic resistance auras provided by the neutrals, iG’s spells fell flat and their game spiralled downwards pretty fast.

Moving on in the tournament, Evil Geniuses are now preparing for a duel with Vici Gaming in the upper bracket semi-finals, while IG will be fighting for their tournament life against Fnatic in the lower bracket.

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