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Evil Geniuses advanced to the semi-finals of the upper bracket at the cost of Team Secret, who they beat 2-0 in the second series of the second day of the main event. Till now, we are yet to get a series that has gone all the way to a game three.

Game 1 Draft:

Evil Geniuses (Radiant)
Arteezy: Ursa
Sumail: Alchemist
S4: Weaver
Crit: Vengeful Spirit
Fly: Phoenix

Team Secret (Dire)
Ace: Phantom Lancer
MidOne: Morphling
Fata: Mirana
Yapzor: Earth Spirit
Puppey: Winter Wyvern

Evil Geniuses – Silencer, Wraith King, Blood Seeker, Nyx Assassin, Clinkz, Meepo
Team Secret – Io, Enchantress, Crystal Maiden, Tiny, Dark Willow, Necrophos


When there is an Ursa in this laning stage favored meta, you cannot let him have a good lane. When Arteezy is playing Ursa, it’s even more important that you don’t. But in this case, Arteezy ran rampant in his lane and killed Fata multiple times. Another thing Secret failed to do was stop the Alchemist from farming. He did not win the lane against Morphling, but he didn’t have a horrible time either. Evil Geniuses won the two side lanes. AT one point in the game, Arteezy and MidOne, both were on a Godlike spree. The difference was, Arteezy’s team was farmed as well. Ace did not have a very big impact on the game, neither did Fata, who had a great record on Mirana in the group stages.

The gold started to stack up for the team with the Alchemist. Even though Secret trailed by more than 20k, they could take fights and pickoffs as Morph was farmed. But they never could take objectives or even a tier three tower. Eventually, the Scepters started coming from the Alchemist and Secret could no longer hold their defenses. EG took game 1 in 43 minutes.

Game 2 Draft:

Evil Geniuses (Dire)
Arteezy: Drow Ranger
Sumail: Gyrocopter
S4: Weaver
Crit: Vengeful Spirit
Fly: Undying

Team Secret (Radiant)
Ace: Necrophos
MidOne: Tinker
Fata: Mirana
Yapzor: Rubick
Puppey: Ogre Magi


Evil Geniuses – Silencer, Wraith King, Blood Seeker, Nyx Assassin, Dark Willow, Broodmother
Team Secret – Io, Enchantress, Tiny, Ursa, Elder Titan, Storm Spirit

Game 2 was a lot closer than game 1. The net worth kept on going back and forth till the 45th minute. Sumail brought in some innovation with a Blink Dagger on Gyro. He would just pop his BKB, use Rocket Barrage and Flak Cannon and Blink into dish out the damage. The Drow Aura definitely helped with that. Crit’s swaps were on point in the game and as everyone has come to expect by now, Yapzor made some really good plays on his Rubick.

The decisive moment came close to the 50 minute mark. Secret got the first barracks of the game and with just a few seconds left on Sumail’s death timer, decided to try to get another set of racks. That is where it all fell apart. EG got the three cores of Secret and eventually, they were all forced to buyback. EG secured Roshan and with all their buybacks intact, got the three side mega in one push and with it, the game in 58 minutes.


Secret drop down to the lower bracket to fight for their TI 8 lives against Vici Gaming. EG advance in the upper bracket to face OG, where a set of old friends will be going at it for a place in the upper bracket final!


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