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Patch 7.23 has been wildly believed as the patch with the least number of comebacks yet Evil Geniuses turned the game around against Vici Gaming from a massive 13,000 gold disadvantage at just 20 minutes. Read the article further to know how to they were able to pull off a victory.

Both the teams tried to counter each other while picking their comfort heroes. There was no weird pick or draft experiment.

The Laning Stage:

Evil Geniuses played 3-1-1 whereas Vici Gaming played 2-1-2. In the first 10 minutes of the game, Evil Geniuses’ supports stayed in the safe lane whereas Vici Gaming’s supports rotated around the map. This helped Queen of Pain destroy Razor at the mid lane. Taking advantage of this, Vici Gaming’s mid, Queen of Pain created an amazing amount of space by ganking enemy safe lane several times. At 6 minutes into the game, Queen of Pain had 5 kills and 0 deaths which is truly dominating. Evil Geniuses’ position 1 hero Sven, smartly swapped lanes with his offlaner as he couldn’t handle the pressure applied by Vici Gaming in his safe lane. This action helped Sven gain some farm but at 11th minute all three Vici Gaming cores were top 3 in the networth lead.

Patch 7.23 is all about the snowball strategy which means that when a team gains lead in the laning stage then they would just keep on rotating on all the lanes, control the map and quickly try to close the game. Now in this game Vici Gaming were extremely successful in this strategy as they created a 13,000 gold lead in just 20 minutes. This would have definitely been a victory for Vici Gaming if Evil Geniuses had not turned with an amazing team fight after a smoke gank.

A Smoke Gank that changed the game

At 19th minute Vici Gaming was at the mid lane, preparing to kill enemy’s tier 2 tower while it was getting close to the bounty rune spawn time. Evil Geniuses knew that a few enemy heroes would walk up to the bounty rune and that’s why they decided to take a fight there. This was a genius decision because they wouldn’t have been able to take a straight 5v5 fight at the mid tower. Now, that smoke gank would have secured only 1 kill on Legion Commander but Tiny tossed Doom and he landed on Queen of Pain. This helped them shut down Queen of Pain at the beginning of the fight which secured their team fight victory and 4,000 gold.

Game Highlights

Late Game Scene:

After securing Aegis on Gyrocopter, Vici Gaming didn’t force team fights and Evil Geniuses avoided any major clash for 5 minutes. Then Evil Geniuses started controlling enemy jungle and one big team fight within the next 3 minutes helped them secure their victory.

Networth Graph
End Game Statistics

A tip for young players

Vici Gaming didn’t throw their lead, it was Evil Geniuses who made some smart decisions. Hence from this game the best thing to learn is that bounty rune capture is an important moment and if you time it well with all 5 players then you can always find a kill or two.

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