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Evil Geniuses kept a firm grip on the top of the Upper Division NA DPC League Season 1 when they took down another undefeated team, Undying (that is the name of the team). Both teams started the series with a 3-0 record, but while Undying’s wins had come against the bottom teams in the league, EG had already dealt with Major qualifying contenders like 4Zoomers and SADBOYS. When the two took on each other, the difference in quality was evident as EG raced to a comfortable 2-0 victory, with both games going just over the 35 minute mark.

Evil Geniuses got a last pick Medusa in game 1, a hero that isn’t seen too often in the DPC games. Medusa has only been picked 31 times, but on those occasions, she has a win rate of over 64%, meaning in the right place, the hero can be devastating. EG definitely were well aware of that when they picked the Gorgon, and even though the hero kill score was close, the net worth advantage kept accumulating for EG as Medusa and Nature’s Prophet garnered more and more farm. More than half the kills for Undying were on supports and the game eventually got to a point where the snake lady was unkillable.

Evil Geniuses vs Undying game 1 draft

Game 2, also a Medusa game, was a lot closer in terms of experience and net worth till the 21st minute mark, after which it went south for Undying. In both games, they had to play an unconventional mid in the form of Slark to counter the mid Batrider, which put Undying out of their comfort zone.

Evil Geniuses vs Undying game 2 draft

Earlier in the day, 4Zoomers ousted Black N Yellow 2-0 to make some advances in the table. With three weeks gone and about half the games played, Evil Geniuses sit comfortably at the top of the table. They are yet to play three more series and considering the fact that two of those are against teams languishing at the bottom of the table, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume they will be finishing at the top of the table and claiming the first NA spot to the first DPC Major. The only team that could topple them from the top spot is Quincy Crew, and their fixture list is a lot tougher than EG. As we head into the second half of season 1, the fight for the two Major spots will spice up and the games are bound to get better.

NA DPC League Season 1 standings (Upper Division)

Image: abadauy on devinatart

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