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The two best North American teams in the world of Dota 2 – Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew – scored wins on the last day of week 4 of the NA DPC League upper division. Both teams remain undefeated with two weeks to go, with EG having played one series more than Quincy Crew. Looking at the way things are proceeding, it seems like these two teams will be grabbing the two DPC Major spots from North America.

NA upper division DPC League standings (taken from Liquipedia)

It was a stroll in the park for Evil Geniuses against A-Team, a team which is fighting to avoid relegation. EG picked Storm and Alchemist in both games, but with the games ending in 19 and 22 minutes, the Alch hardly got time to come into the action. Abed’s Storm was the standout performer in both games, ensuring and easy 2-0 vicotry for Evil Geniuses.

For Quincy Crew, it wasn’t so simple. They stomped Black and Yellow in game 1, but to the surprise of many, lost game 2 in draft and execution. It was the first game they had dropped all season and the possibility of a Quincy Crew series loss opened up a lot of doors on both ends of the league. If QC lost, Undying, SADBOYS and 4Zoomers would have a better chance of making the DPC Major. If Black and Yellow won, they would have a shot at avoiding relegation. But Quincy Crew squashed all those possibilities with a dominant performance in game 3 to keep their unbeated record alive in the league.

Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew will play against each other on the 18th of February, a game which will possibly determine which team gets the top spot. Other than that game, EG play bottom of the league team 5ManMidas. But QC have to play SADBOYS and Undying, two teams who will not go down easily. If Undying can beat 4Zoomers on the 21st of February, the last day of the league will be a thrillin one with QC taking on Undying. We’re two-thirds of the way there and things are getting exciting. The last two weeks of the upper division NA DPC league should bring out some amazing Dota 2 from teams trying to make it to the first DPC Major.

Photo: MDL

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