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The 2019-2020 season is well underway and ESL One Hamburg, which ended on the 27th of October, saw the first ever SEA team win an ESL Dota 2 event as TNC took the plaudits by defeating Gambit Esports 3-2 in the grand finals. The tournament was played on the 7.22h patch which was released a few weeks ago. Let’s see what the team and hero statistics for the tournament look like.

Team Statistics

ESL One Hamburg 2019 team statistics

Hero Statistics for ESL One Hamburg 2019

Total games played: 86

Total heroes picked: 105
Number of heroes unpicked or unbanned: 11

Most picked hero: Rubick (32 games, 13 wins, 40.62% win rate)
Most contested hero: Abaddon (75 games, either picked or banned in 87.21% of the games)
Most banned hero: Kunkka (55 games)

Hero with the highest win rate (10 games or more): Alchemist (12 games, 9 wins, 75% win rate)
Hero with lowest win rate (10 games or more): Ember Spirit (19 games, 5 wins, 26.32% win rate)

Most played hero combo: Mirana and Faceless Void (9 games, 5 wins, 55.56% win rate)
Most successful hero combo (5 games or more): Gyrocopter and Undying (6 games, 5 wins, 83.33% win rate)

Abaddon, Mirana, Kunkka, Faceless Void and Alchemist are heroes to look out for in the upcoming DPC Minor and Major. Most of these heroes have been nerfed in the last couple of patches, but they still seem strong, probably because none of the other heroes have received sizable buffs.

TNC, Gambit and Alliance have all made a great start to the season. All three teams are travelling to the Chengdu Major in November, so how they face off against the big teams will be interesting to see. Considering the fact that a lot of the top teams are resting for the first Major, one of these teams could even spring a surprise and come out on top at the Major.

The new patch will most likely be released on the day after the Chengdu Major, which is the 26th of November. Till then, we are stuck with 7.22, but hey, there’s some great Dota 2 action just around the corner!

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