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For anyone that has been following the antics of Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner and his extremely whacky, bizarre and fun Midas Mode 2.0 event, you’ll know that there have been some big heroes (and map regions) purchased already. And now, ESL have decided to pick up a hero for the event, Kunkka.

In a very – hopefully – tongue-in-cheek announcement on the ESL Gaming page, the ESL team announced that they would be dressing Kunkka in some of their valuable attire and sending him forth into battle as their own at Midas Mode 2.0.

As a result, we’ve had no choice but to sponsor our own hero in this shambolic tournament in order to obtain some measure of control over it. Therefore, we are not proud but required to announce that ESL will be taking over Kunkka for Midas Mode 2. Complete with goodies such as the ESL socks (now available at for the low price of 7.99€)…”

Why Midas Mode 2 is bad for esports – ESL Gaming

The post even continues, stating that Kunkka is the ESL mascot for the upcoming ESL One Hamburg 2019 and they even go so far as to push people into purchasing the “more expensive” tickets, but it is quite clear that it is all in good fun. Alongside this acquisition of Kunkka for Midas Mode, ESL also went ahead and announced that SirActionSlacks would be the sideline reporter for the October event in Germany.

In late July we had a hint of Evil Geniuses possibly attending Midas Mode 2.0 when they purchased all the cliffs on the Dota 2 map for the event – a perfect spot for the ‘Cliffteezy’ meme to make a comeback. You can find out more about the weird purchase made by EG here. There have been some other great additions to this event such as Ancient Apparition as an ice-cream cone and magnificent ‘Capri-sun & Gun’ Witch Doctor.

Midas Mode 2.0 is set to take place in Denver, Colorado at the Local Host Arena LAN Café from September 24th through to October 2nd. At this moment in time we can only speculate which teams are actually involved as no official announcements have been made just yet. You can find all the weird and wonderful information for the event on the official website here.

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