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The StarLadder ImbaTV Minor Season 2 regional qualifiers have been underway since Monday for the Chinese teams trying to make their way into the Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s final Minor of the season and two teams have now been confirmed from the region to reach the event.

Another Minor for EHOME

EHOME have had an extremely up-and-down DPC season and their team changes and issues have been well documented over the course of it. With the recent return of Zhang ‘faith_bian’ Ruida to the active roster after his injury, they looked set to get back to the top – unfortunately the EPICENTER Major qualifiers were not kind to them so they fought through the Minor qualifiers. The squad, filled to the brim with ex-TI winners have made their presence felt at multiple Majors this season and with their DPC ranking just enough to get them into The International 2019 (for now) they will definitely enter the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor looking to give it their all.

Sylar heads to a Minor

Just yesterday we saw that Team Sirius, the fairly new Chinese Dota 2 squad, would be returning Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun to his position 1 carry role as they battled through the Minor qualifiers. After struggling at the EPICENTER Major qualifiers, this was their chance to make a last-ditch effort at the end of the season and it paid off. After a struggle against Keen Gaming in the final series, Sirius managed to come out on top and claim their spot at the upcoming Minor.

Unfortunately for Keen Gaming, unless nothing changes with the DPC points, they won’t be set for TI9 unless they can dominate the qualifiers. However, they still have a shot at getting there if no teams below them on the current rankings can oust them from their spot. For teams such as Newbee, TI regional qualifiers is all they have left in hopes of reaching the prestigious end-of-season event.

The qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor are still being hotly contested in various regions and soon we will be set for our final Minor of the season.

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