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“Stop asking me, he left the team himself,” EHOME’s coach Zhang “xiao8” Ning posted on Weibo early this morning. The many questions that seem to have exasperated the Director 8 came after EHOME removed Luo “eGo” Bin from the roster yesterday, February 28.

eGo is one of the very young talents in the Chinese scene, he is just 17 years old and his competitive experience resumes to about one year played under the CDEC Gaming banner before being taken on loan by EHOME at the beginning of this competitive season. EHOME’s start was rough and it took them several months to find the synergy between players to get them ready for the big stage. It was just this January when they finally started to become a real contender. After a streak of good performances at the Bucharest Minor, where they claimed the title and at the Chongqing Major where they finished sixth, over the past month EHOME had to deal with a series of unfortunate events.

Upon their qualification for the upcoming DreamLeague Season 11 Major, the organization realized that they might have to find a stand-in for eGo as his visa might not have been sorted out in time for the event. Because he is underage, eGo needed his parents to obtain extra authentication papers, which according to the EHOME post from mid-February would have taken about 20 days to be done with another 15 days for the visa to be processed. So, when they revealed on Weibo yesterday that Yang “END” Pu has replaced eGo, the fair assumption was that the move it’s being done for the Major.

However, EHOME entirely removing eGo from the roster, raised a couple of questions. Xiao8 answered them all today when he shared a private message eGo left him before running from the team house in the middle of the night.

eGo’s message to Xiao8 translates:

“I know it’s not the best approach and I may have put my teammates in a dilemma. But in my defense, I feel like I’m not able to perform well in this team and my health condition is also a problem. Of course, I can choose to stay on the team and continue to play like this. But somehow I’ve lost the interest already so I might as well just leave. I hope you can agree.”

According to Xiao8, eGo hasn’t talked about any problems with his coach or with anyone from EHOME. “The pressure was too big for a young player like him to handle. He didn’t talk about it with other players or the management either. When I woke up, he was already gone,” explained eGo’s coach.

In the meantime, EHOME might need to find a solution for Faith-bian as well. The TI6 winner injured himself during a photo-shooting at MDL Macau 2019 a week ago and it turns out that the accident will have him benched for a while. Faith_bian suffered a Humerus fracture that needed a surgical intervention and just today he posted a few pictures after being released from the hospital.

EHOME are expected to arrive in Sweden in less than two weeks to play in the Stockholm Major. The team hasn’t released as of yet any details about a possible stand-in for Faith_bian at the Major, but one possibility is that Xiao8 will step in once again.

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