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EG’s run at the DreamLeague Season 11 has ended in 7-8th place. With that finish, they’ve locked in their spot for TI9. While that is a good accomplishment, I feel like EG have yet to reach the potential they have on paper. Their current lineup is: Fly, s4, cr1t, RTZ, and Sumail. On paper, I rate them as the 3rd most skilled team in the entire world. In terms of raw skill they are only behind Virtus.Pro and PSG.LGD. In terms of overall name value and expected performance, this is a team that should be winning championships. Fly is considered one of the all time great leaders with multiple trophies from his time on OG. S4 is a legendary player who plays a great space making offlane. Cr1t, RTZ, and sumail are all superstar players in their respective roles.

Even so, their results haven’t matched up to their potential. They got 9-12th at the Chinese Dota2 SuperMajor, 3rd at TI8, 3rd at Kuala Lumpur Major, 3rd at Chongqing Major, and top 8 here. I’ve ignored MDL and Hamburg as it wasn’t their full roster and we can also write off the Dota2 SuperMajor as that was their first event as a lineup.

In total, EG have accrued three top 3 placings and even their top 8 was still fairly good considering that they ran into Virtus.Pro in the losers’ bracket. Across all of those events, I think they are a good team, perhaps a great team. But they are still missing an extra element that can make them championship contenders.

When I compare this EG to previous iterations (either the all-star stack (the one with RTZ, Sumail, Universe, cr1t, and zai) or the PPD iterations, the biggest factors I can point to are individual skill and the speed of adaptation. The all-star lineup had Sumail at the peak of his powers and at times he almost single-handedly willed EG to the top of the podium. In the current roster of EG, none of their star players have reached their peak levels of skill that we’ve seen in the past. If we’re talking about the PPD iteration, I’d say they lack PPD’s ability to adapt to a meta mid tournament.

The current iteration of EG lacks that extra kick that can push them ahead of their rivals like Virtus.Pro or Secret. So while EG have got their spot at TI9, this isn’t the time to sit on their laurels. They still need to find that extra something (whether that be better understanding of strategy or an individual boost in play) if they want to win one of the Majors this season and prove that they can be a title contender when TI9 comes around.

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