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When the North American DPC League started, everyone was talking about Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew and the one team who could cause an upset on those two as 4Zoomers. But as it turns out, NA’s third best team right now is a team that had to make it through the closed qualifiers – Undying! They took down 4Zoomers 2-1 to keep their DPC Major hopes alive, although the path now goes through league leaders Quincy Crew. Not just 4Zoomers, Undying also defeated ppd’s team SADBOYS, which was also a directly invited team. Ther roster for Undying is:

Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli
Jonathan ‘Bryle’ De Guia
Jonas ‘SabeRLight-‘ Volek
David Bon ‘MoomMeander’ Yang Tan
DooYoung ‘DuBu’ Kim

The details of all three games can be found here.

Game 1

In game 1, Undying made the mistake of letting the Morphling through, which is one of Gunnar’s best heroes. The Morphling-Earthshaker combo was their undoing, even though Undying managed to take the first two sets of barracks. Undying picked a Shadow Fiend for Bryle, and although he was able to make plays with it, the hero couldn’t stand up to the challenge as the game progressed.

Game 2

With the Morphling banned in game 2, 4Zoomers picked a Troll Warlord for Gunnar. But seeing Undying pick the Razor, Troll went to the offlane and Sammyboy’s Weaver went mid. The game started well for 4Zoomers, but Undying were getting a lot of farm on their cores. The turning point in the game came when Saberlight snatched the Aegis from 4Zoomers and Timado’s Monkey King ended up being too huge to deal with with an Aegis in hand.

Game 3

Game 3 started as a total clown fest. Timado’s Ursa chased around Brax’s Timbersaw for a good three minutes through the jungle, leaving them both at level 1. At the same time, MoonMeander got quick levels and some good farm on his KotL as he was solo in the lane and eventually, ended up being a position 3 KotL. The pick that won it for them was the Windranger, a hero not seen too often. Bryle played it to perfection, going 18/0/12 to secure the win for Undying.

Undying now find themselves in a place where if they can win against Quincy Crew in the last game of the league, they will force a tierbreaker between themselves, Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses. If they lose, Quincy Crew will claim the first DPC Major spot with EG gettng the second. MoonMeander was pretty hyped up after the win.

Evil Geniuses’ last game is against relagated 5ManMidas, so they are expected to win and end up with a score of 6-1. If Undying can pull off an upset on the last day of the league, it will setup for a nerve wracking finish.

NA DPC League upper division standings (taken from Liquipedia)

Photo: WePlay! Esports

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