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For the first time since the team was formed, OpTic Gaming will seek guidance from a coach.

Immortals’ support player, captain and drafter Kim “DuBu” Doo-young joined the green wall of OpTic Gaming for the upcoming Dota Summit 9. He made the trip with the team at the BTS house this week to be with them at their last tournament before The International 2018. OpTic Gaming’s captain Peter “ppd” Dager announced Dubu joining the team a day before the Summit was set to kick off.



While this is the first time when OpTic benefits from a coaching perspective on their games, the team players are far from being coached for the first time. Back in the day, when PPD used to captain Evil Geniuses, he used to work a lot with Avery “SVG” Silverman. Among other tournaments, SVG was EG’s coach at TI6 where the NA “bleed blue” team got extremely close to successfully defend the Aegis of the Champions. Champions of TI5, EG finished third the next year after being defeated 1-2 in the lower bracket finals by Digital Chaos.

At the same TI6, Dubu placed top 6 with MVP Phoenix, the South Korean team he also captained and drafted for after Park “March” Tae-won had to take a competitive break to fulfill his mandatory military service. Dubu took the leadership and drafting duties for the teams he played for over three years and given his appetite for new strategies and wicked drafts, he should theoretically be exactly the sidekick PPD might need in the TI8 preparation.

However, neither PPD nor OpTic Gaming announced yet if Dubu will make the trip with the team to Vancouver, Canada this August. DOTA Summit 9 might just be his trial by fire and OpTic Gaming and their coach are set to enter the battle today, in the opening series at the BTS house versus Fnatic. The match-up is a two-game series scheduled to commence at 09:00 PDT/ 18:00 CEST.



What, When, Who: Dota Summit 9 Kicks Off this Wednesday

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