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BOOM ID is at their third Minor participation this season and their group stage performance at OGA Dota PIT was by far their best showing so far. Seeded in the same group with Ninjas in Pyjamas, Gambit Esports and Royal Never Give Up, BOOM ID finished second, with two victories, one over NiP and one over Gambit, arguably two of the favorites to take the trophy home.

We had the chance to talk to BOOM ID’s carry Randy Muhammad “Dreamocel” Sapoetra to find out what changed for him and his team, how confident they are now compared with the previous Minors, and how he feels about going in the playoffs upper bracket against EHOME.


Congrats on the group stage run. I would say you guys are completely changed compared to how you performed in the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor from a month ago. I saw your interview from that event and you were like “I hope we won’t finish last again”. So, tell me what changed for you since that event?

After that event, we actually worked with a sports psychologist, so from a mentality perspective we are much more different than we were at the last two Minors. Our confidence is boosted, we know we can actually win. We understand how to handle a loss mentally. I’d say we learned how to move on from a first game loss in a best-of-three series.

Game wise, do you feel like the meta has really changed since your SL ImabTV Minor run?

No, not really, it’s the same dual lane meta, despite the small nerfs after DreamLeague Major, Oracle is still good, but I think now everyone can utilize their own playstyle, their heroes. It’s a bit more open.

What makes Oracle so good?

His first skill, Fortune’s End is way too good for harassing. He is a very strong dual laner, he can basically zone anyone from a long range. Of course, a good team can play around him so that’s why we don’t see him banned that much. You can cut the creep wave so the Oracle can’t zone you, for instance.

I’d like to hear your take on the format of this Minor. I heard a lot of opinions, most of them coming from people that don’t play in this event. So, tell me how is for a team actually playing in the OGA Dota PIT Minor?

I really like the format here because it helps a lot the tier two teams. We are a tier two team and I can tell you that finding scrims with tier one teams is extremely hard. It’s very rare when you get to play someone like NiP and for example, for a team like us, from SEA, is almost impossible to practice with teams from Europe or NA. Even when we are on a tournament with a European tier one team we won’t get to scrim with them more than once or twice at maximum. So, going on the stage, playing with them it’s very helpful for us. Yes, we used this group stage for practice, and to be honest, so did the tier one teams here. They got the chance to test new heroes, some strategies that they have in mind without getting a “punishment” for their loss.

You have a big day ahead, a playoffs match-up with EHOME. how do you feel going up against Ferrari_430 and Xiao8?

I’m really excited to play versus these legends. I don’t feel any pressure because in regards to EHOME, I’m scared only of Faith_bian, but he is not playing. So, without him playing right now, I’m confident going up against them.

Why so, is there anything you want to erase from your memory from the Bucharest Minor?

We didn’t get to play versus EHOME in the tournament at the Bucharest Minor, but we scrimed with them there and my lord, Faith_bian’s laning is so strong. I think he is one of the best offlaners in the scene, he is on the same level with Iceiceice. Honestly, he is too good. He has that frightening aura, even though you see him alone in the lane you are afraid to gank him. Because of his playstyle, you never know if he is really alone there or if he is trapping you, baiting a mistake from you. It’s extremely hard to play against Faith_bian.

Well, he is a TI winner after all. Alright, I wish you the best of luck and before we wrap up this interview, tell me did you get the chance to visit the places where Game of Thrones was filmed here, in Split? The old town, the Diocletian Palace?

I’m not watching Game of Thrones, but after we qualified, all my friends were like “oh my god, you are going to the Game of Thrones shooting place, go visit that and that, bring us souvenirs from there, etc.”

I  want to go and visit the Palace, but I think we will do it after the tournament. We went to the beach like an hour ago, but I think it’s too early in the summer season because there was nothing there. Or maybe we just went to the wrong beach, I don’t know. Anyways, the scenery is super nice and everyone is so friendly.

Any shoutouts to end the interview?

Shoutout to my sponsor, Omen and shutout to someone who is not my sponsor, Monster. I really like the Monster Energy drinks, but we don’t have the brand in Indonesia. So, every time I get to travel to another country, the first thing I’m looking for is Monster Energy.

I know someone else sharing the exact same obsession as yours, KillerPigeon. You two maybe can work together to bring Monster in Indonesia. Thanks for your time and good luck in the tournament.

headline picture courtesy of StarLadder

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