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CIS was next on the schedule at the WePlay! Pushka League as the and Prodigy would be fighting – with the main squad needing a victory to keep themselves in the top four.

With the European bracket decided before the final day of games at the WePlay! Pushka League, it was time to look to the CIS region – in which only B8 had definitely been eliminated from the event.’s recent results have been a massive improvement for the squad as, especially after their victory at the recent ESL One Los Angeles Online but now their so called “youth squad” was ahead of them in this event and to rectify that, they would need to beat them on the penultimate day. A loss would see VP having to rely on a final day victory as well as other squads if they wanted to make it into the playoffs.

Both teams went into the first game looking great and for some time things remained even – but that was not what VP.P needed as Igor ‘ILTW’ Filatov was on a Spectre and the squad were on a time-limit before he got out of hand. Unfortunately for VP.P, they did not manage to ever shutdown the hero as he ended the game with 11-0-19 with VP took the first game of the series.

When it came down to their tournament lives being on the line, VP seemed to quickly turn up the heat and show their true power. Game two was an all-out stomp in which VP ripped through their youth squad, claiming 45 kills in the half an hour which is took before the GG calls came out. While VP.P have already managed to qualify into the playoffs, this result makes it much easier for VP with their final series being against a struggling Team Spirit tomorrow.

One series remains at the WePlay! Pushka League today as B8 will be hoping to save some embarrassment and maybe claim at least one victory – as they are currently on a 20-game loss streak, when they go up against FlyToMoon.

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