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After the initial games of the DOTA Summit 11 Minor came to an end, it was time for the first eliminations to occur as two teams from each group would be fighting for their tournament lives; Ninjas in Pyjamas and paiN Gaiming in Group A – HellRaisers and Ad Finem in Group B.

While NiP performed terribly in their opening series of the Minor, getting completely destroyed by the replacement for, jfshfh178 . That series was over in no time at all, but the same could not be said for the elimination match up. The Brazilians of paiN were considered heavy underdogs to move on in the tournament, but they went out with style, taking NiP to their limit. Even with a sizeable lead in the second game of the series, paiN could not close things out and would succumb as the first team eliminated from the DOTA Summit 11 Minor.

The victory does not save NiP from elimination just yet though, as tomorrow they will be back to play the decider matchup against either jshfh178 or Invictus Gaming, with the losing squad joining paiN Gaming on the outskirts of the event.

For Group B, it would be Ad Finem taking on HellRaisers to determine the next team eliminated and we would also witness the first full three game series of the event. Up until the last game of day one, two games have been all it has taken for teams to move forward, but for these two rosters, that was not on the cards. For the Greek squad that is known and loved throughout the Dota 2 community, they would suffer a harsh welcome into the DPC as HR were able to come back from being a game down and take the series. However, unless things change, we’re hopeful that Ad Finem will return soon and maybe make it into the next set of Minors/Majors.

Much like with the NiP victory, HR are not completely safe just yet as tomorrow will see day two of the Minor get underway and HR will be fighting either Geek Fam or Chaos Esports Club to remain in the event and move forward into the playoffs.

DOTA Summit 11 day one has now come to an end but the winner’s series followed by more eliminations are on the way tomorrow.

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