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With the Fall 2020 update Valve touched on several hot topics for the Dota 2 community and besides the in-game updates and plans for new heroes, the developer has also brought updates on player behaviour, toxicity and smurfs detection system.

While most of the “stuff is still in development,” per Valve’s words, the smurf detection systems have already been updated. The immediate effect of the update means that smurf accounts are more likely now to be prevented on entering the pool of normal or new players.

“Smurf accounts are now much more likely to play with other smurfs only, this includes parties where only one player is a smurf,” Valve announced.  Additionally, the smurf accounts are also likely to inherit any negative behaviour scores of their alternate accounts.

Regarding the boosted accounts, the Dota developer feels now more confident with its detection system and announced that it has already banned over 14000 accounts in the past 30 days, while systems to recognize such accounts are already in place and will receive constant attention from the developers.

In terms of toxicity and game ruining behaviour, Valve announced to be working on a system that combines the endorsements mechanic from Overwatch with the auto-mute system implemented earlier this year for CS:GO. “We aren’t ready to share more information about this yet, but we will as soon as we are able. We are hoping to get this in the game as soon as possible,” Valve mentioned.

In the end of the latest blog post, Valve also announced engine developments which will improve how Dota 2 will run on a multi-core CPU. The updates are not ready to be rolled out, but the developer aims for the changes to become live sometime next week, after a series of final tests.

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