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Dota 2 patch 7.28 was released about a month ago when Aghanim’s Shard was introduced to the game. Patch 7.28a brought with it quick, initial fixes, while patch 7.28b, released today, is a balance patch after observing how the meta has panned out. The patch attemps to balance a number of items and heroes, with the hero changes mostly being to the Aghanim’s Shard upgrades. The entire set of changes can be found here. We will take a look at some of the major changes patch 7.28b brings, including the most prominent one, which is a ton of buffs for Outworld Destroyer.

In the items, the biggest buff goes to Swift Blink, which is probably the most ignored of the three upgraded Blinks. Overwhelming Blink is the most popular one followed by Arcane Blink, but Swift Blink does not seem to have caught on. But with the increased movement speed, attack speed and damage along with the ability to exceed maximum movement speed, it just might be good enough for carries like Ursa and Troll. The problem is though, a lot of agility carries who used to go Blink now prefer to go for Abyssal Blade instead of Blink now. Unless this change makes it better than that, Swift Blink will still be a low priority item.

A lot of heroes got buffs to their Aghs Shards, but two big ones are Clockwerk and Dark Seer. Dark Seer now has 2.25 second stun on his Shard right click with a 40% damage illusion, which can be a significant amount of damage if the illusion is of a hero like Medusa or Phantom Assassin.

The change of the patch though, are all the buffs to Outworld Destroyer. OD was changed a lot in patch 7.28 and instead of increasing his really bad win rate, it lead to a further reduction to just below 40%. Patch 7.28b has increased a number of things for OD, from his base armor to the Astral Impisonment damage and mana steal. Except the level 15 talent change, every line of the change has something increased. They have maintained the changed version of the hero and interestingly, haven’t made any changes to OD’s Aghs Shard, which is one of the worst in the game. About a week into the new patch will be a good indication whether these increases have made the hero any better.

Most of the other hero changes are just to the Shard upgrades. Heroes like Grimstroke, Slark and Terrorblade got decent buffs to their Shards. With the DPC 2021 Season 1 leagues about to begin in less than a week, we will find out soon which Shards the pros think are good.

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