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The Outlanders Update is out and it has shaken up the entire Dota 2 world. There are a lot of changes in the patch including heroes, items, neutral drops and general changes and each one of them can be and should be tackled separately. Here, we’ll try and dissect the general gameplay changes and how they will impact the game of Dota 2.

(1) Courier

  • Each player now has their own courier automatically
  • Courier now gains levels when your hero gains levels
  • Courier now provides 85 GPM while it is alive (this replaces the base 91 GPM that previously existed)
  • Courier passively gains +10 movement speed, +10 health and +2 GPM increase per level
  • Courier gains ability to use wards at level 15
  • Courier gains ability to use items in general at level 25
  • Courier vision reduced from 350 to 200
  • Courier team bounty is now 25 + 5 * Level, xp is 35 + 20 * Level
  • Courier respawn time changed from 120/180 ground/flying to 50 + 7 * Level

Let’s break this down in pieces. Every player having his/her own courier is a big boon. No more conflicts.

Couriers will go from 85 GPM to 145 GPM as the hero level increases and eventually reaches 30. This means ALL heroes will have more passive gold collection than before, but this will only be the case as long as the courier is alive. Once the courier dies, that player will get no passive gold.

Couriers can be sent for warding missions after level 15, but there is always a threat of them dying.

Courier respawn time will increase linearly with level from 57 seconds at level 1 to a whopping 260 seconds at level 30. That is nearly four and half minutes without a courier.

The level 25 change is what makes couriers the most interesting/crazy/insane entity in the game. They will be able to use items, which means beyond a point, every player will be playing with two units – the hero and the courier. As the GIF below shows, couriers can also be used for secret pushing missions by popping Necromicricons near towers.

(2) Experience for getting to higher levels

Heroes can now level up to 30. Once you get to level 30, you unlock the entire talent tree. XP requirement for the levels are 3500/4500/5500/6500/7500. Respawn time does not increase past 25. XP bounties max out at level 25 bounty values.

The maximum hero level has been increased to 30, but the increase in XP to get from 25 to 30 is not linear. The XP slope is a lot steeper after level 25, which means advancing from level 25 to 30 is going to be a difficult task.

(3) Economy

  • Observer Wards no longer cost gold
  • Heroes now start with 3 Town Portal Scrolls
  • Gold earned from killing an Observer Ward will now always be given to the player that bought the true sight
  • Assist gold distribution multiplier for Net Worth ranking factor in the area is changed from multiplying based on the heroes in the area, to globally.
  • Denied towers now give half of the bounty to the team that denies it and half to the other team (instead of 0 to both teams)

Life is going to be easier for position 5 supports, now that Observer Wards don’t cost a thing along with the fact that every player has a separate courier.

Also, if a hero hastily takes out a ward for which you put down a Sentry Ward, you will end up getting the money. More money in the coffers of the supports.

The assisnt gold multiplier is now global, which means every hero will get the assist gold for any kill on the map, irrespective of whether or not they took part in the kill. Hero kill gold has a kill component and assist component. Before patch 7.23, the assist component only applied to heroes in a 1300 AoE. With this change, distribution of gold will be a lot more even and coming back to the earlier point, more money for supports. This is especially beneficial for healing/saving supports that like to stand back and not get too close to the battle.

Sharing of the tower deny bounty maintains the same net worth difference as before and from a net worth difference point of view, is the same as having 0 gold for denying the tower. This though, will help the team trailing on net worth as even though the absolute difference might stay the same, the percentage difference will go down.

(4) Bounty rune location changes

Bounty Rune locations have changed – two Bounty Runes will be in the middle of the river while two others will be near the Outposts. This will make the start of games more interesting as also the attempts to get runes at the intervals of every 5 minutes will be a lot more dangerous than before.

New location of a pair of Bounty Runes is near the Outposts

(5) Changes to towers

  • Tier 2 Towers HP increased from 1900 to 2000
  • Tier 2 Tower Armor increased from 15 to 16
  • Tier 2 Tower Damage increased from 152 to 175
  • Tier 2+ towers night vision increased from 800 to 1100
  • Tower Glyph multishot targets increased from 2 to 4
  • Glyph duration increased from 6 to 7

Last year’s patch after The Interntional 2018, patch 7.20 made the game faster. This patch hints at making the game slower; especially the change to towers. Towers will be harder to take down now and Glyphed towers will pour out a LOT of damage. Glyph duration has also gone up by one second and even though that may not seem a lot, in crucial moments, it can make a colossal difference in bace defence or base races. The increased Glyph duration buff goes hand in hand with the Glyph multishot buff. Ogre Magi with maxed out Bloodlust is looking pretty good right now.

A lot of these changes might seem like subtle changes, but they do end up having big effects on games. Besides heroes and items, general changes have a big say in defining the meta. All that aside though, I cannot wait to see the battle of the couriers the next time the top teams face off against each other.

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