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All Dota 2 fans love memes and Chinese fans are no exception. For years, the Chinese community keeps showing us how creative they can be when it comes to memes, and it’s a shame that the English community only gets to know a few of them due to the language barrier.

Do you know who’s the Dota Emperor? Who’s rOtk’s friend? Which western player never makes mistakes and what does Schrödinger’s fy means? If no, worry not, because in this series of articles, we will be sharing some of the best Chinese memes with you. For today, let’s start with “The Knowledge Tome” and “rOtk’s Friend”

Tome of Knowledge

Definition: Usually refers to Russian Dota 2 team Gambit Esports.

Reference: Gambit were considered an ordinary tier 1.5 team in China before DPC 2018/19. But this year, the Chinese community discovered a pattern:  whichever team that eliminates Gambit from a tournament, will level up and break into the next tier. Starting from the Bucharest Minor, where EHOME beat Gambit in the grand finals and finished top 6 in their next Major. VG beat Gambit at the Dream League Minor, then they flew to Stockholm where they won not only theirs but also China’s first Major title this season. The Magic seems to disappear at the Dota Pit Minor where EHOME eliminated Gambit in the first round of the lower bracket, EHOME did manage to win the next 3 series but were falling short in the grand finals where they lost to NiP 2:3. Although EHOME didn’t manage to play at the Major, the majority of the community blamed them for “wasting the tome”. With Gambit qualifying for Epicenter as No.1 seed in CIS, maybe we should pay some extra attention on who’s going to take the tome this time. After all, the next event will be The International.

Example: Gambit beat Liquid and Vici Gaming at ESL One Birmingham, can you believe it?

Consumers are now consumed; the tome contains more experience now!

Rotk’s friend

Definition: A sarcasm often used when Vici Gaming is throwing a game or rOtk is drafting a weird line-up.

Reference: A few days after MegaFon Winter Clash, rOtk forgot to turn off the camera and the microphone after his stream session and went on talking with someone who was in the room about how much money he lost from betting on the MegaFon Winter Clash lower bracket finals, PSG.LGD versus Natus Vincere. Later that day, rOtk staited on Weibo that he didn’t actually bet himself on the MegaFon matches, but he was advising a friend.

“The whole thing started with one of my closest friends asking me for (betting) suggestions. I felt LGD are in a good shape, but then he kept asking if this suggestion is legit. So I told him “trust me, if you lose I will bear half of your losses.” But personally I’ve never bet, I earn enough to make a living and I don’t need to do things like this to ruin my reputation.”

More translation and a detailed report can be found here

Despite having clarified the whole situation, “rotk’s friend” got remembered by the community and are now it is widely used whenever VG lose a game.

Example: Oh my god Vici are throwing this game so hard

Guess rOtk’s friend just called him.

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