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Earlier today we saw an update come out from Valve for Dota 2, patch 7.22c to be precise and with it we witnessed a plethora of buffs, nerfs and changes – but none quite resembled the hilarity that came with Chen’s changes.

Chen’s ability to send allied heroes back to base back in the day has always been well-known – the best example of this has got to be the ‘fountain-hook’ trick which involved Chen and Pudge. The ability to teleport allies back to base has been reworked into different spells in the hero’s skillset, from Test of Faith back in the day to Holy Persuasion in more recent times, the hero has often been a favorite of mechanically skilled players such as Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov.

Just in case you forget, here’s a memory of TI3 with the crazy fountain hooks from Natus Vincere.

With the most recent update, Valve decided to move the teleport ability once again, this time changing it to be part of Divine Favor – but they also seemed to have made a rather devastating error that was quickly discovered by players.

Divine Favor suddenly was able to be cast on enemy heroes and obviously, this resulted in a very easy way to get an essential “free kill” every 60 seconds. As can be seen in the video below, Chen players merely needed to find their target, cast Divine Favor and teleport-scroll themselves home where a fountain of death and confusion awaited the unlucky target.

Thankfully, before this occurred too many times, Valve fixed the issue and now Chen is back to his normal 7.22c self – although Divine Favor still works as intended for allied heroes. If this had made it through to any major tournament, we would have surely been in for some interesting Chen plays but more likely many bans on the hero.

If you’ve missed any of the information about the latest patch, you can check it out below.

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