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photo by: PGL

Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei was commentating the ESL One Birmingham grand finals on his personal stream this past Sunday and as he usually does, he answered a few questions coming from chat.

In what makes an interesting twist for how the Chinese scene has operated on the past few years, BurNIng stated that having the coach doing the drafts limits the team’s performance. The legendary carry player is now co-owner and coach for Team Aster and gave a few insights into the old DotA 1 days and on how should the drafting phase is handled nowadays. Courtesy of our Yuhui Zhu, we are able to share with you the translation of what BurNIng said to his stream followers.


Who will you choose to be your teammate between the young version of Maybe and a young version of Ferrari_430?

Maybe only started to shine after going through his growing period, it was around TI6 and TI7. Young version of Ferrari was alright, but I will still choose Maybe, I can wait a year with him so in the future I can write a book named “Days that I spent to grow up with Maybe”.

Young version of Super?

Don’t even ask, he was pretty sh*tty, he only became decent after he joined VG, and somehow he always manages to get a good place at TI. I don’t know about young Mushi, he was already old when I got to play with him; 2009? He’s a DotA 1 player, it’s not comparable, I didn’t need teammates back then, I didn’t care who my teammates were back in DotA 1 days, the roster of my team changed multiple times but I also won.

I’m not bragging, I’m simply stating the fact. If you started following me from DotA 1, you should know I’m telling the truth. MMY(X!) was also pretty good at DotA 1, he and LongDD are the only players I admire from the old days. Other players were pretty much at the same level, they were good, but I was slightly better than them.

I found out that rOtk is coach material when I became his teammate. Back then, we didn’t even have the concept of coaches. rOtk was bad at playing but good at talking.

Did you get paid as Icefrog puts your name as a tribute name of Anti Mage?

What money? Why would money get involved in sacred honour like this? Using my name as an alternative of Anti Mage is a tribute and honour from IceFrog, you can’t measure it with money.

In some teams, it’s the captain who does the drafting while in other teams it’s more of coach’s responsibility. Which way do you think is better?

I feel it’s more reasonable to let a player do the draft while the coach is sitting behind and provides his insights. To me, it feels a bit weird to let the coach dominate the players, that way the team’s performance ceiling will be lower. Look at, Liquid and Secret, they all let players to draft. Of course, one big premise to make it happen is that you need to have a player like those team have for drafting.

Which team should I follow now?

Take your note, Team Aster, aka Tea Master. This team is an emerging power of Chinese Dota. Actually, they just won a tournament yesterday, but to be honest, I don’t even know what’s the name of that tournament, but it doesn’t matter, we are world champions.

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