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The two-week group stage marathon in the BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia came to a close, and unfortunately for two squads, the event has already ended.

T1 and CR (the former Team Io roster) have been eliminated, the latter not grabbing a single series victory through the entire group stage. The only two games won by CR were against BOOM Esports and Team Adroit, however, they didn’t win the full series, they were just able to force a game three which eventually they lost. For T1, who have played with a new carry in this event, the group stage brought an overall 2-5 score, the two victories being claimed over CR and BOOM, but two wins were not nearly enough to save them from elimination.

At the opposite pole, Fnatic sailed through the group stage, taking the first seed undefeated. Perhaps a bit of a surprise were Team Adroit and BOOM Esports, who got 5-2 and 4-3 overall series scores to finish in the second and third places in the group.

TNC Predator had to bring in stand-ins every now and then during the group play, as Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and Timothy John “Tims” Randrup were facing internet issues. Nonetheless, they managed to win three out of the seven series and placed fourth in the group, which guarantees them a playoff upper bracket start as well. Reality Rift and Geek Fam are the two teams who will start from the lower bracket rounds.

BTS PRO Series SEA playoff stage kicks off tomorrow, April 23 at 15:00 PST/09:00 CEST with the Fnatic versus BOOM Esports quarterfinals, followed by TNC Predator versus Team Adroit. The lower bracket series will start on the 24th of April. 

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