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It’s a full elimination day at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. Four teams will end their journey today in the Cybersport Arena from Kiev, Ukraine and the first to go home were Royal Never Give Up and BOOM ID.


RNG fell 0-2 at the hands of TI8 Champions, OG. Their series opened the day in Kiev and despite the early hour for a weekend day, the cosy arena was packed with fans ready to see their idols in action. OG started the best-of-three series with a draft perfectly suited for easy objectives and control over the Roshan Pit. Troll Warlord, support Nature’s Prophet and Oracle’s help with all the early aggression and with the team fights, were key factors that made everything look very easy for OG. Game two, although it went to a late stage, was still OG’s to win as they ran a mid lane Alchemist while they still had good heroes for taking down the buildings. Shadow Shaman and Lycan secured them the early aggression with Alchemist developing into the late game beast that prevented RNG from pushing the series to a decisive game.

RNG are the first team to fall from Group A and were followed by the Southeast Asian representative, BOOM ID from Group B.

BOOM ID vs Demolition Boys

Both BOOM ID and Demolition Boys fought against each other at the Bucharest Minor as well, mid January and unfortunately, they were the first two teams to be eliminated. Back then, Demolition Boys were in a slightly different formula, with a youngster in the  mid lane, playing under the Playmakers tag. A few things have changed for them since then, hopefully for the better. While BOOM ID’s declared goal in an interview with StarLadder was “just don’t finish last again”, the SA boys came to the Minor with the eyes on the big prize. They do have a couple of big contestentants to take down, in order to make it to the Major, but the first step was made today, by avoiding elimination in the first series.

Demolition Boys made good use of the Grimstroke-Doom combo in game one and imposed a fast paced tempo to claim the victory. However, they got a bit greedy with the spells that can be paired with Soulbind and in game two they also picked a Lich on top of Doom. The three heroes’ big cool-downs had them at a disadvantage and allowed BOOM ID to push the series in a decisive game three. Demolition Boys didn’t repeat the mistake from the previous game, in fact, they dropped the Grim strat completely and surprised BOOM ID with a last pick Tidehunter for Jeremy “Jeimari” Ruiz in the mid lane.  The game lasted a little under 30 minutes and pushed the SA team to a top 6 at the SLI Minor, while BOOM ID finish bottom two once again.

Both Demolition Boys and OG will return on the Cybersport Arena today to fight for their tournament lives. OG will face off against Golden Boys, while Demolition boys will fight against Gambit Esports in the final series of the day.

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