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ESL One Los Angeles Online had reached its penultimate day of games for Group A and in the final series of the day, B8 would be fighting to avoid being eliminated when the group stage comes to an end.

While remained completely unbeaten at the top of Group A at ESL One LA Online, B8 were struggling at the bottom with only a single victory in their previous five series – leaving them in a dangerous spot with possible elimination before the final day of group stages had even begun. were their opponents for this important matchup and after showing some brilliance in beating the likes of OG and Gambit Esports, things would not be easy for Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin’s squad. were able to start in an extremely strong manner as they never let B8 really get off the mark, shutting them down across the map at every turn – especially Indji ‘Shad’ Lub’s Lycan which ended as an unkillable threat at 9-0. But B8 were not about to give up and we would get to see a Dendi Invoker to hopefully bring the squad back into the series. B8 managed to hold a lot of the early game period for themselves, even securing a great split push with Andrey ‘Ghostik’ Kadyk’s Nature’s Prophet – but as the game continued, Shad’s Phantom Assassin begun to take over the game.

By the time 45-minutes had come, were in complete control and B8 had absolutely no way to fight against their lineup – and even though they were able to defend for a few more minutes, it was nowhere near enough to keep them in the series or tournament.

With that, even though they will have one more series to play in two days’ time against VP, B8 will be eliminated from the ESL One Los Angeles Online event. Tomorrow we will see the action continue with the penultimate day of games for Group B and more teams possibly joining Team Liquid and B8 in the elimination zone.

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