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One of the best carries in the professional scene and definitely a fan favorite when it comes down to streaming, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev has gone live on only a couple of times this year.

Ahead of TI9 he stopped streaming his Dota 2 sessions in order to focus on the biggest tournament of the year, and he never came back to Twitch until 15th of October, when he reached over 20,000 viewers. However, his next streaming session came only this past weekend, on the 2nd of November and with his stream schedule being so inconsistent, the fans decided to make a website that collects each playlist used by Arteezy and adds it to Spotify.  

Despite being a rare bird on Twitch, Arteezy is still one of the most popular Dota 2 streamers. He has nearly 600,000 followers, who got to interact with him in the Twitch chat only 6 times this year. In their latest episode of “Life of a Genius”, Evil Geniuses marked Arteezy’s return to streaming as the team gathered to bootcamp for the MDL Chengdu Major. However, with the Major itself being just two weeks away and the next set of Dota Pro Circuit qualifiers scheduled for the first week of December, Arteezy will most likely take another hiatus from streaming.

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