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The playoffs debut of PSG.LGD at the Kuala Lumpur Major looked like a walk in the park for the TI8 runner-up. Their first opponent in the upper bracket was Alliance who surprised everyone with their second place finish in Group D.

However, once into the playoffs, Alliance faced the first big test in the tournament, a terrifying one, and considering how the series went, a bit of a demoralizing one. PSG.LGD simply toyed with Alliance. In the first game the Chinese team won all the three lanes, which put Alliance’s carry Monkey King at a huge disadvantage right from the get go. Xu “fy” Linsen, playing an unconventional support hero, was the game one MVP on Centaur Warrunner with an early Blink Dagger and Vanguard. But that was not all of it, game two was even crazier.

“This morning Fy told us he dreamed about this combo: CK with Aghs on Terrorblade, so we tried it,” said Jian Wei “xNova” Yap in the winner’s interview at the Kuala Lumpur Major, after PSG.LGD pulled one of their easiest victories of the event on the back of an illusion army strategy. They picked Terror in the first phase of the draft and followed it with a core Shadow Demon and a support Chaos Knight for Prince Fy. He did exactly what he said he dreamed last night and rushed Aghanim’s Scepter, which he used on Terror once PSG.LGD was pushing for the GG call. The whole best-of-three series lasted one hour and at the end of it PSG.LGD joined Team Secret in the Major semi-finals, while Alliance will have to fight for their survival via the lower bracket rounds.

With the first two upper bracket series finished, day one of the playoffs continues with two elimination best-of-one matches, where paiN gaming are represented with both of their squads. First match is paiN Gaming vs TNC Predator, followed by paiN Gaming X vs Tigers.


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