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The Dota 2 DPC League is nearly done with one-third of the games from Season 1. With week 2 nearly at an end, one of the matchups over the weekend in Europe Division 1 was Alliance versus OG. And this game held a lot of importance as based on current form, you could say Team Secret, Team Liquid and Team Nigma are the top three teams in the region, with OG and Alliance vying for the fourth spot. Alliance made a case for being a rung up on OG with a 2-0 win over the two time TI champions. One of the games was extremely one sided, while the other one went down to the wire.

Game 1 was a walk in the park for Alliance. OG experimented a bit with their draft, as they often do, with a mid Grimstroke, offlane Dragon Knight and position 5 Pangolier. The experiement did not yield success as Alliance knocked them out of the park in just over 27 minutes.

Alliance vs OG game 1 draft

Game two was a back and forth affair, with Alliance getting a really good start to the game, but OG pulled back after Riki’s Battlefury and Scepter. The deciding factor turned out to be MidOne’s Riki opting to go for a Daedalus as the third item instead of BKB, which allowed Alliance to take him down in a few times and turn the tide back in their favor. The game seemed to be over until Riki got a Divine Rapier and became the strongest hero by a mile. Phantom Assassin’s 85% evasion was completely negated and a dieback on the PA signalled rough times for Alliance, but fng’s Nature Prophet stepped up when it mattered and in trademark Alliance fashion, took down the Ancient as the other nine heroes were engaged in a teamfight.

Alliance vs OG game 2 draft

The win gives Alliance their first win of the season after a 1-2 loss against Team Nigma in the first week. OG do have two wins to their name, but those have been against High Coast Esports and Tundra Esports, two teams you would expect OG to beat. As the league advances, the opposition is going to get tougher for OG and if they are to oust Alliance for a spot in the first DPC Major of the season, they need to bring out the same form that saw them become TI champions two years in a row.

EU DPC League Season 1 standings (taken from Liquipedia)

Photo: StarLadder

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