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A few days ago, we saw the best team for Aghanim’s Trials (which is completing the Grand Magus difficulty level of Aghanim’s Labyrinth in the lowest time possible) was Tusk, Sniper, Weaver and Winter Wyvern. It then switched to variations of these four heroes with Magnus and Viper included in the mix. After the release of three new heroes a few days ago though, the trend has changed again, and it seems players have found the best combination of four heroes to complete the 18 depths in the least amount of time. Of the three new heroes recently released, two make the lineup in the new combo, while one has been completely overlooked.

The new combo that most teams are vying for is-
1) Magnus
2) Slark
3) Templar Assasin
4) Weaver

Slark and Templar Assassin are the new heroes, and the one that has been totally neglected is Queen of Pain, which comes as a bit of a surprise becuase of her crowd control abilities. But come to think of it, Slark and TA provide much more when it comes to single target damage, which is somewhere QoP doesn’t excel. That is probably the reason she didn’t make the cut.

The images above show the top 10 teams from two different time slots of Aghanim’s Trials over the weekend, and nearly every team has the four heroes mentioned above! Slark’s Essence Shit, TA’s Meld coupled with Weaver’s armor reduction and right click can take down targets with insane HPs as if they were normal lane creeps. Magnus, who was earlier used as a right clicker with Mask of Madness and damage items, has shifted to the utility item builder. But Magnus’ role in the whole game is also one that saves time with some tricks here and there, such as Skewering enemies out of the map for a default win against opponents like Rizzarik and Mister Cleaver. That ends the level in just a matter of seconds! And in trap levels, Magnus can Skewer to a point well ahead on the path just before turning into a donkey to save the team a lot of time.

Here is what the typical invent looks like for the four heroes:

Magnus’s invent looks a lot similar to what teams used to build on Tusk while playing him as the utility tanking hero. The other three go for pure attack speed and damage. Notice the co-ordination between players – Weaver has gone for the Desolator and Templar Assassin made sure she didn’t make it, becuase playing as a team, all four heroes tend to prioritize the same target. That is something that does not often happen while playing with random players.

While having certain strong heroes is fine, Magnus using Skewer to skip depths is something that seems dicey. Hopefully, Valve fix that and as the weeks go by, we get to see more innovative ways of besting Aghanim in a race against time.

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