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Morphling’s ult was reworked in patch 7.07, making what used to be a defensive ability more offense-oriented, which was deemed as a huge nerf by both community and pro players. Because the main task for Morphling in the game has always been split-push and seeking for opportunities to one-shot your opponent, and people simply didn’t get how can morphing into an enemy hero would help Morphling in teamfights. On top of that, 7.07d made Attribute Shift unable to be activated while stunned. These two changes severely reduced the survivability of Morphling and put this hero in a dark place: people stopped picking this hero and his winrate also dropped significantly. Then came patch 7.10, in which IceFrog made Morph a toggleable ability, and all of a sudden we started to see pro players pick this hero and win with it. Despite the description of the ability seems pretty straightforward, a lot of questions would arise if you think deeper – Will Morphling keep Reactive Armor stacks after Morphling back from Timbersaw? What would happen if you Morph back while brewing Unstable Concoction? So I took some time to test this ability and indeed I found some fun interactions and even some bugs. Let’s take a look.

Following buffs still exist after the Morphed hero Morphing back to Morphling:

  • Elder Titan: The bonus damage and speed provided by Astral Spirit

Be sure to stay in Elder Titan form till the spirit flies back, otherwise the spirit will just stop moving

  • Timbersaw: Reactive Armor stacks(The buff icon disappears but the bonus armor and regen are still there)

  • Omniknight: Repel

  • Legion: Press The Attack

  • Clockwerk: Battery Assault

  • Huskar: Inner Vitality

  • Lifestealer: Rage

  • Underlord: Bonus attack from Atrophy Aura

If an ally Underlord is near, then no damage will be received

  • Tiny: Bonus attack and attack range from Tree Grab

  • Earthshaker: Enhance Totem

  • Axe: Bonus armor from Berserker’s Call

  • Slardar: Guardian Spirit

  • Sven: Bonus armor and movement speed from Warcry

  • Night Stalker: Flying movement from Hunter in the Night

  • Doom: Scorched Earth

  • Alchemist: If you Morph back while brewing Unstable Concoction, the concoction will instantly explode and stun yourself and nearby enemies

  • Juggernaut: Blade Fury

  • Clinkz: Bonus attack speed from Strafe. Also Morph does not reveal Skeleton Walk

  • Razor: Static Link

  • Templar Assassin: Refraction

  • Naga Siren: Press Shift, use Mirror Image and Morph will create 3 Morphling illusions

  • Phantom Assassin: Bonus attack speed from Phantom Strike

  • Lone Druid: Battle Cry and Rabid

  • Ember Spirit: Flame Guard

  • Ursa: Bonus attack speed from Overpower

  • Gyro: Rocket Barrage and Flake Cannon

  • Pangolier: Damage reduction buff from Shield Crash

  • Winter Wyvern: Flying movement and bonus attack range from Arctic Burn

  • Dazzle: Shallow Grave

  • Death Prophet: Spirit Siphon

  • Necrophos: Ghost Shroud

  • Oracle: Purifying Flames. One way to abuse it is to use this ability to your Oracle form and Morph back, that way you will get a full Purifying Flames heal and your Morphling doesn’t have to take any damage

  • Visage: Grave Chill

  • Batrider: Firefly

  • Dark Willow: Shadow Realm

  • Storm: Overload

  • Dark Seer: Ion Sheel and Surge

  • Undying: Stolen strength from Decay



  • The charge of Stone Remnant will refresh every time Morphling toggles his ult, meaning he can create infinite number of stones by following these steps: Morph to Earth Spirit – Place Stones – Morph back to Morphling – Morph to Earth Spirit – Place Stones

  • Same goes to OD’s Astral Imprisonment if you have Aghanim on Morphling. This ability won’t go on cooldown if you don’t use up all charges, and by toggling Morph all charges will refresh. So basically you can use it how many times you want with only 1 second cooldown.

  • Morphed Sand King doesn’t have Caustic Finale icon in his abilities, but when his attack still applies Caustic Finale debuff.

  • You will see a twisted Morphling if you Morph Troll Warlord, change to melee form and Morph back

  • Morphling get 5 Jingu Mastery charges instead of 4.

  • When Morphs to Keeper of the Light, Morphling can use Recall and Blinding Light even when he’s not equipped with Aghanim

Also worth-noting:1) Aghanim Morphling doesn’t get unobstructed vision by Morphing to Night Stalker or Kot 2) Mophling cannot move/attack in Chronosphere even when he Morphs to Faceless Void.

  • When Morphs to Ogre Magi, his basic abilities can trigger Multicast


Authorized by Orginal Author: DOTA2萌新引路人 to translate


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