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After Alliance played an amazing series to knock out Evil Geniuses last night, they were left with other elimination series again one of the best teams in OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division as Team Nigma stood in the way of them and the lower bracket finals.

After an epic series yesterday, Alliance were involved in another intense battle today as their series with Team Nigma was one of the craziest to come out of the OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division event. After beating out EG, Alliance were definitely on a high but when they last met Nigma, they were subjected to a 3-2 defeat as they lost out on taking the OGA Dota PIT Season 2: EU/CIS championship in the grand finals – today would be their chance at revenge.

Going into the first game of the series, Alliance seemed to be set to take game one without any issues at all. With Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov on a Morphling which was running rings around the Nigma lineup, there seemed to be no hope for Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi’s Arc Warden to really have any impact on the game – as Alliance destroyed them at every turn. However, Nigma were always a team that were able to find some brilliance when least expected and it came in an amazing Ancient defense.

Perfectly utlising the Arc Warden Magnetic Field, Nigma prevented their Ancient from being destroyed through every single Alliance buyback and assault – witnessing it drop to only 43 HP at one point. The Alliance 20,000 net worth quickly dissipated following this as Nigma marched down the middle lane and closed out an insane ending to game one. While Game two was extremely close, as Alliance tried their best to tie up the series, they failed to deal with Miracle’s Medusa at all as he pummeled through his opponents and secured a solid 2-0 victory of Nigma.

Alliance would, unfortunately, be eliminated from OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division after a valiant run which ends in them taking fourth place. For Nigma, they will move into the top three and await their next challenger in the lower bracket finals.

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