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Dota 2 emphasises the teamwork and more often than not people love to play it with a friend, be it someone they grew up with or someone they met in a pub and got along with pretty well.

Usually, when we play the game with someone, we go for heroes that complement each other and one of the simplest, but extremely rewarding and fun to play combo is the Puck-Lifestealer infest bomb. Valve’s call to arms for this year’s The International Collector’s Cache produced exactly three Puck and three Lifestealer sets, and given the overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins theme, all these cosmetics make a striking visual combo as well. Here’s what the workshop artists came up with this year:

Dionaea muscipula

Created by: CiDDi, SOLMIR, VLEK, Little Ranger

Although Puck has only three item slots, head, back and tail, the workshop artists always found ideas to make this hero look incredibly well. Dionaea muscipula is the Latin scientific name of a carnivore plant that feeds mainly with insects and that’s the whole concept of this Puck item set. The four artists who worked on it have even added a fly that tries to escape from Puck’s back which makes for a nice little detail that completes the set. You can see the full details of the Dionaea muscipula here and you can also give it a thumbs up if you would like to see it added in the game.

Spirit of nature

Created by: 澈水, 某人

This is another Puck set that uses leaves and flowers as the main motif, but the interesting part is that the two artists submitted it in three different colors, green, blue and purple leaving the option for the fans to vote which one they like the most. It is also worth mentioning that both of the creators are new to the steam workshop and their collaboration resulted in a total of four item sets submitted for the TI9 Collector’s Cache. You can check them all here.


Created by: BaRRacuDA, Yuri

Lastly, Ah’Puck artists kept it simple with a bit of Pre-Columbian art influences and attention to details which make this set stand out. You can find the full presentation of the set here.

A lot of workshop artists found inspiration in the Pre-Columbian art style this year. It’s the jungle ruins theme that influenced that.

Heading to the Lifestealer item sets, there are also three submissions and interestingly enough, each of them quite matches one of the three Puck sets.

Hound of the Forgotten Ruins

Created by: Zaphk, OniLolz, 2Minds

The three artists came up with more of a mechanical Lifestealer set where they successfully combined the steampunk style with South American influences in ornamentations which resulted in an intriguing Chameleon look like head with robotic arms and claws. Check it up here.

Head of the Devourer

Created by: Crowntail

Coming from an artist with plenty of item sets already accepted to the game, some of them surely on your list of favorite cosmetics, Crowntail Lifestealer set is breaking a bit the visuals for this hero and it’s an interesting and well-made giant bug that most probably all the players would love to showcase in their games. You can check and upvote the set here.

Jungle Curse

Created by: Sumers, Zen

A possessed Lifestealer who is taken over by some sort of a Treant is what the two artists seem to have had in mind when they did the concept for this set. It’s an interesting approach and makes the hero definitely blend better in the jungle when he decides that it’s time for 15 minutes of afk farming. The full presentation of the item set can be found here.

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