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Valve’s Call to Arms for this year’s The International Collector’s Cache ended last week, on the 12th of May. All the Workshop artists who got inspired by the TI9 theme had two months at their disposal to finish their creations and now they have to wait for your verdict.

The International 2019 theme is “overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins”, which brought a lot of green sets to the workshop. There are over 170 sets submitted and we will do our best to shorten the list for you. We start today with a hero who is either extremely loved or deeply hated. There is no middle ground for Techies and unfortunately for those who like to think that they are true Techies masters, this year there are only four submissions in the Workshop.

The Intrepid Exploders

Created by: Red Couch

Inspired by a Safari expedition, this Techies item set hopes to catch the fans’ eyes with his Elephant mount for one of the Techies, while the bombs are well camouflaged into some wild flower. The artist is at his third creation for Techies, but none of his previous submission got accepted. Perhaps third time’s a charm for Red Couch. Here’s a brief look at the  Intrepid Exploders item set proposal for the TI9 Collector’s Cache.

Day vision:

Night vision:

You can find a more detailed presentation of the set on the Red Couch Steam workshop page where you can also vote for it if you like it.

Dungeons and Detonators

Created by: BladeofAvilliva

The clue is in the name. At least four persons worked on this interesting Dungeons & Dragons inspired set. Some of the artists involved in creating this set have several sets already accepted in the Dota 2 shop and they might be very close to add one more to their collection. Dungeons and Detonators’ details are exquisite, but perhaps the item that will receive the most attention, the Techies bomb is what any Techies player will wish to have. They come in the form of a D&D dice.

It is worth mentioning that although Dungeons and Detonators doesn’t blend with the overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins theme, Valve has encouraged the artists this year to not feel constrained by the TI9 theme. “We’re interested to discover any high-quality designs, regardless of motif,” the game developer said in the call to arms post.

Bloody Wreckin’ Crew

Created by: VLEK

VLEK is one of the most active artists in the Dota 2 workshop, and this year is no difference. He has a few sets submitted for different heroes, most of them respecting the TI9 theme. His Techies one however, is not coming from any jungle. VLEK proposal is more close to a pirate theme, but it has one element that might raise a few brows. He submitted his set with a ward attached and that might be the best selling point for the Bloody Wreckin’ Crew.

Hopefully, there are enough Techies players who buy wards, it will be a pity not to see this one in the game. You can find all the item details and vote for the set here.

Play: Saving Alice

Created by: QWFY·青舞·飞扬·

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this is perhaps one of the most amazing Techies sets ever submitted in the workshop. It might not respect the TI9 theme, although it has enough elements to send us into lush woods where strange things happen. Everything, from the two Techies heroes, to the cart, bombs, techies sign and the costumes is carefully detailed and it looks astonishing.

Don’t be shy and go check the entire list of items for the “Play: Saving Alice” and don’t forget to cast your vote, here.

We leave you with these four Techies item sets for now, but we promise to come back with other heroes in the spotlight!

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