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With the next set of Minor and Major qualifiers a little over a week away, we are seeing an influx of teams being registered, including one named “4 Euros 1 Murica” which features some fairly well-known players.

Nearly two weeks ago, Omar ‘Madara’ Dabachach announced via his Twitter account that he would no longer be a part of Ad Finem, following their poor results at the DOTA Summit 11 Minor. At the time, the Greek player confirmed that there would be news about his future in Dota 2 coming soon and earlier today we found that confirmation on the Dota 2 Major and Minor registration page. Madara is set to team up with three other European players and one North American in a team aptly named, 4 Euro 1 Murica.

image: Dota 2 Major and Minor registration

The team will feature the likes of Zakari ‘ZFreek’ Freedman, well-known brother of Kyle ‘Kyle’ Freedman and long-time member of compLexity Gaming. For the first time since 2014, the NA player will be leaving coL behind and venturing out with a roster of EU players in hopes of reaching the Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s Minor of Major. ZFreek will be reunited with Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin, who has spent time playing at The Final Tribe and GODSENT since departing from coL in 2018.

The full 4 Euros 1 Murica roster is:

  • Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin
  • Omar ‘Madara’ Dabachach
  • Zakari ‘ZFreek’ Freedman
  • Petu ‘Peksu’ Vaatainen
  • Andreas ‘Xibbe’ Ragnemalm

There are still a few unknown factors about this new roster such as; who will be playing in what position as well as which region they will be fighting in. Currently all there is to go on is a Tweet from Peksu last week which announced that he would be flying out to bootcamp. It will be interesting to see just what these players can do together, considering that some of them have played alongside one another before.

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