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About 200 item sets were submitted by the workshop artists for this year’s The International Collector’s Cache. Valve made an initial selection and chose 83 of them to be temporarily added in the game and be subject of voting by the TI9 Battle Pass owners.

Dota 2 fans had only five days to make their selections, from May 29 to June 3. In the aftermath of the public voting, just 18 item sets made it in the TI9 Collector’s Cache. However, last year the Battle Pass featured two such treasures so, it might be possible that more sets from those 83 initially selected by Valve will make their way into the game. According to Valve’s announcement there is for instance, a Tidehunter item set which is not included in this treasure, but it “will be released at some point in the future.”

For now, the 18 sets are:

Abaddon, 617,716 votes

Dark Willow, 594,031 votes

Disruptor, 572,513 votes

Grimstroke, 562,751 votes

Dragon Knight, 548,520 votes

Rubick, 546,820 votes

Chen, 523,382 votes

Enigma, 500,527 votes

Tidehunter, 494,966 votes

Death Prophet, 488,544 votes

Undying, 486,303 votes

Huskar, 474,832 votes

Slark, 473,412 votes

Dazzle, 466,372 votes

Oracle, 462,502 votes

Drow, 460,119 votes

Phantom Assassin, 454,950 votes

Earth Spirit, 448,703 votes

The Disruptor set was introduced with a Rare drop change, Phantom Assassin, although second to last in the voting preferences, has a Very Rare drop chance while Rubick is the Ultra Rare item set.

TI9 Collector’s Cache is available for purchase only for the Battle Pass owners, it costs $2.49 and “each purchase contributes 25% of sales directly to The International prize pool.” The treasure will be available for purchase just for 30 days. All the items featured in it are exclusive, non-marketable or tradable, except for the Rubick Ultra Rare set which will become marketable “towards the end of 2020 after next year’s International concludes.”

It is worth mentioning that unboxing Collector’s Cache treasures can bring you up to 36 Battle Pass levels. Also, recycling any of the item sets received, will grant you 2 Battle Pass levels.

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